my e-ring

I’m super tired and honestly, way too lazy to write up my proposal story so for now, here’s a picture of my engagement ring:

I just LOVE it. It’s so shiny and pretty. I kept staring at it during work today.

Hmmm, I really need a manicure. Stat.

In TV news, it’s Upfronts week! NBC’s was today and there’s nothing really exciting to note except for the following…

Heroes is expanding its universe with 6 stand-alone episodes revolving around new characters and their back stories. I love this show so I’m sure these Origins episodes will be just as awesome. This means 30 new Heroes episodes. Woot!
Friday Night Lights is moving to Friday nights at 10pm. I’m so happy the show’s getting a second season but I just hate that the show’s stuck on Fridays. UGH. But maybe that’s my own hang-up… I don’t normally watch TV on Fridays. Hopefully this move will be a good thing since it’s away from American Idol and other heavyweight shows that air on Tuesdays.

I’m half-watching and half-listening to tonight’s episode of 24 and it’s totally upsetting me. This season is totally awful. 🙁