out and about

Can you believe that I’ve actually been out doing stuff recently? I can barely believe it myself. 🙂 A quick rundown with pics…

A few weekends ago, Rob and I went to the Team LA store at the Staples Center to see what Lakers goodies we could find. Sadly, not much. They had A LOT of stuff but nothing particularly exciting. So disappointing. I mean, LA is a long way from Orange County. Wowzers. I did find this awesome Mickey Mouse tee and had to take a picture of it. No, I didn’t buy it. (They didn’t carry it in women’s sizes, heh).

The following weekend Rob and I “crashed” an old friend’s surprise 30th birthday party. HEE! We were invited by a friend who actually WAS invited. That’s not technically crashing, right? Anyway, he had a freaking In-N-Out truck at his party. I took full advantage and enjoyed a Double Double cheeseburger. Sooo good.

And yes, I cut my hair. I go back and forth between liking it and not. It’s a *tad* shorter than I wanted. Oh well.

Finally, this past weekend on the 4th of July, we went to a barbecue at Daniel and Carolyn’s place across town. There was this guy using the grill next to us (he’s behind me in the above pic) and he was wearing… get this… cargo shorts, white sunglasses, a red/white/green wristband, Louis Vuitton belt, Gucci loafers… and no shirt. He was such a character! My friend Rob (not to be confused with the hubs) really wanted a picture of him so he pretended to take pictures of me. Too bad I leaned over too far and got in the way. We’re so mean! I’m going to rot in hell, aren’t I? 😛

Anyway, no SYTYCD updates tonight. Rob’s out of town again so I have to wait to watch this week’s episode until he returns. Can’t wait!