5 happy things

When I was in high school, I succumbed to general teenage angst and was a total drama queen (ok, sometimes I still am). 🙂 Absolutely everything was A BIG DEAL and I made myself sad over nothing. *facepalm* My best friend Carmen used to cheer me up by giving me the daily calendar of 14,000 Things to Be Happy About each year. Waking up to this every day reminded me that there are always good things in life no matter what. While I no longer “need” these calendars, I try to keep the sentiment alive by making sure I acknowledge and appreciate “the little things” — you know, the things that make me smile, SQUEE, and flail about in happiness. And I want to start sharing my happy things here. I’ll keep it to 5, though, not 14,000. 😀 So this week I’m happy about…

1. 3- day weekends
Last Friday wasn’t originally a company holiday but we got the day off at the last minute. WOOT.

2. An unexpected trip to Vancouver
Rob and I have some United Airlines credit to use before the end of April so we figured we might as well go somewhere close by for a long weekend. Vancouver it is! We probably won’t have the extra money to go on vacations after we move so I’m excited about this quick trip.

3. Finding little-known artists on iTunes – Ryan Hiraoka!
When Rob and I were in Kaua’i for our mini-moon back in August ’08, we listened to the radio a lot in the rental car. The radio stations there played the same songs over and over again. Ok, I know most stations do this but seriously, it was about 10 times worse. Anyway, one song they kept playing was Ryan Hiraoka’s “Every Girl,” which I LOVED. When we got home, I looked for a download (legal!) everywhere but he was nowhere to be found. Even on iTunes. And sadly, I was too cheap to buy the full CD. Flash forward a year and a half and I randomly search for him on iTunes the other day and there he is! AWESOME. Here’s the song…

4. Discovering a new app
I wanted a new game for my iphone so I headed straight for the “top” app lists and found this AWESOME Skee-Ball app. Skee-Ball is my favorite midway game so this app is perfect for me. And it’s only $0.99, which is totally worth it.

5. Getting the Anthropologie catalog in the mail
Anthropologie is my FAVORITE store. If my entire wardrobe came from there, I would be so happy. It’s pretty ridiculous how obsessed I am.

So, what are YOUR happy things? Please share!