comic-con 2010: day 2

Friday, July 23

We only went to 1 panel in the morning (for CBS’s “reboot” of Hawaii 5-0) and spent the rest of the day in the exhibition hall. Expect lots of pics in this entry!

So Hawaii 5-0. I only wanted to attend this panel because I love Daniel Dae Kim. Does this make me a bad person?

Grace Park was the only other cast member there along with a few producers and writers and OMG, it was SO BORING for the first half hour. I almost fell asleep. Everyone on the panel was so serious. BLAH. Then Grace Park started responding to a question by rambling on and on — when all of a sudden she stopped, laughed, and said, “I don’t remember the question.” She apologized and explained that they had all taken the red eye from Hawaii and were really tired. This seemed to put everyone at ease and the panel got 100% better. Some memorable moments…

— Daniel Dae Kim said he’s “happy to be on a show that has a theme song.”
— At first the producers decided to do a rock version of the theme song but after hearing the finished product, they realized it was terrible. They scrapped it, found the original musicians, and re-recorded the song. We were treated to footage of that recording session, which was pretty cool. I may not remember the original show at all (it was before my time) but the theme is iconic.
— Grace Park was asked about her transition from Battlestar Galactica to other shows. She said, “When Boomer died…” to which Daniel Dae Kim promptly frowned and shook his head. Producer Peter Lenkov had to remind her that Daniel just started watching BSG. OOPS.
— The first audience question was a DIRTY DIRTY MAN who asked Grace if she was going to appear in more bikinis on the show. WAY TO STAY CLASSY THERE GUY. She played it off well by saying it wasn’t up to her and that she hoped the guys would be in bikinis too.
— A 12-year old boy asked Daniel Dae Kim a question (can’t remember what it was now) and started off by saying “I’ve been watching Lost for half my life…” Ahhhh, so cute.
— Another Lost fan asked Daniel Dae Kim about a rumor she read online regarding Matthew Fox and John Terry being the only actors to know the ending of the show. He confirmed it was true. He said that when they received their scripts, a few acts were missing, and they later learned they were the scenes explaining the flash-sideways. On the day they shot the final scene, Lindelof & Cuse revealed the ending. It happened to be the last day the entire cast was all together so that gave the acting extra weight.

Still not sure if I’m going to watch this show next season… maybe I’ll check out the pilot.

And now the exhibition hall. It gets INSANE. But lots of stuff to see!

Like these life size Lego figures of Buzz and Woody.

New Harry Potter Lego set.

AWESOME Lego Star Wars cube dudes. I REALLY REALLY wanted this set. But they’re limited edition and you have to enter a raffle just to be eligible to purchase them. I didn’t bother. I still want them, though. ARGH.

The Lucasfilm/Star Wars booth.

We saw Aaron Douglas (Chief from BSG) signing autographs.

THE BEST COSTUME OF THE WEEKEND. Zangief from Street Fighter. Hehe.

The Ugly Doll posed for me! I think it’s actually kind of cute.

We decided to venture outside around noon for lunch (food options in the convention center are virtually nonexistent). SyFy took over one of the restaurants in the Hard Rock Hotel and converted it to Cafe Diem, which is a cafe in their show Eureka. We decided to try it and while the food was your average diner food, the branding was awesome.

There was a white picket fence outside, SyFy signage covering the walls, the seatbacks read “Cafe Diem,” and all the menu items were named after various shows.

There was even a photobooth in the back where you could take a picture, get a copy right away, and later download it on their website for free. SO COOL.

On the way back to the convention center, we spotted the SyFy street team giving out these HUGE ASS bags. One side says GIANT BACKPACK and the other says MEGA TOTE. Hehe.

Back inside the exhibition hall, we saw…


Iron Man…

the Tron light cycle…

Batman and Catwoman. I’m pretty sure they were professionals and not cosplayers. Their costumes looked amazing up close.

Sexy Disney princesses. Their costumes were beautiful but scandalous (Sleeping Beauty!!!).

There’s always something going on at the Warner Bros booth. Like…

The cast of Big Bang Theory signing autographs. They’re adorable.

As we were leaving for the day, we spotted…

Felicia Day. She’s so petite and gorgeous.

Tyrese. He was passing out fliers and promoting his line of costumes at Party City. Random, right?

And that was Day 2. PHEW.