this and that

Oh man. 2 weeks into November and this is my first blog entry? YIKES.

Seriously, life has been pretty low key lately. Nothing exciting to report. But I’ve missed writing so I thought I’d do a random “this and that” type of post. A brain dump if you will.

Starting with some TV & Movie thoughts…
– I officially stopped watching Ringer. I couldn’t stay engaged. Not even the eye candy that is Ioan Gruffudd could save it for me. That’s just sad.
– But I’ve quickly replaced it with Once Upon a Time. This show is miles better. MILES. I’m a sucker for fairy tales anyway so this spin on the genre is so interesting to me. Plus, I’m kinda loving all the little nods they give to each story — like in the most recent episode featuring Cinderella, Henry racing to beat Regina home and losing a sneaker on his way up the stairs. I see what you did there, show. All in all, good stuff.
– OMG. Has everyone seen the Hunger Games trailer? I’m a fan of the books, particularly the first one, so this trailer has made me unbelievably excited. I especially love how it focuses on the set up and ends with the countdown. I got CHILLS.

And some random personal notes…
– Just under TWO WEEKS until our trip to Orlando & Miami. The days can’t go by fast enough.
– I was bored with my hair so I decided to get another digital perm. I suck at styling my hair so YAY for easy “wash and go” styles.
– I convinced Rob to bust out the Christmas tree and decorations over the weekend. YES, I realize we haven’t celebrated Thanksgiving yet. But since we’re not hosting for our respective families this year AND we’ll be on vacation after the holiday, I figure we might as well get as much use of the decor as possible. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.
– Because this entry is all text, here’s a random (and LOL-worthy) pic of us playing our new favorite game Dance Central 2

FUN FUN. And how are you all doing?