one day in victoria

TEEVEE has started. YES. Too bad I still need to finish watching a few of my CW shows from last season (Hart of Dixie, One Tree Hill, etc). I haven’t been motivated to do a TV post in a loooong time but I’ll probably write up some thoughts in a few weeks after I’ve checked out all the new shows that intrigue me.

I’m looking forward to this week since I only have four days of work before a four day weekend. WOOT. Thank you, Christopher Columbus. With the long weekend, Rob and I decided to go on a very last minute trip to Las Vegas (yes, again). I really really want to do some shopping (need some wardrobe essentials for next month’s trip to Japan) and I figure I can justify my purchases considering it’s my birthday in a few weeks. 😀

Anyway, here’s the next part of our Pacific Northwest trip…

From Seattle, we took the Clipper up to Victoria. So easy! My only complaint is that it left so early — 7:30am. Waaahhhh. I’m SO not an early bird.

We only had one full day in Victoria so as soon as we arrived, we set out to make the most of it!

We started by checking out the Totem Poles at Thunderbird Park…

…then headed off to the Parliament Building.


We’re always trying to get pictures of the two of us together when we travel and they rarely turn out well. This one isn’t half bad. LOL.

For a late lunch, I made reservations at the Fairmont Empress for…


Despite giving me the side eye when I mentioned I had made reservations, I think Rob begrudgingly enjoyed himself. Hehe.

The sandwiches, scones, and treats were positively yummy.

After tea, we walked across the Johnson Street Bridge…

…to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous view of the Inner Harbour.

I’m a sucker for ferries and boats so even though we could easily have walked back to the downtown area, I insisted on taking the water taxi across the water.

I’d read that fish and chips are a “must have” so we braved the line at Red Fish Blue Fish and after almost an hour, we were rewarded with the most amazing fish. Light on the batter and heavy on the fish… SOYUM!

The city became even more picturesque as the sun began to set.

And absolutely stunning at night.

Farewell, Victoria! Hope it won’t be another 20+ years until we see you again. 🙂

For more pics, check our Flickr here.