last stop: vancouver

Rob & I are heading to Japan in about 3 weeks (OMGSOEXCITED) so I have to finish blogging about our Pacific Northwest trip! Our last stop was Vancouver, which is one of my absolute favorite cities to visit. I adore it.

From Victoria, we took a seaplane over to Vancouver.

It was AWESOME. Seriously one of the BEST experiences of our trip.

Only 12 passengers fit inside and it was a tight squeeze in there. This picture is as far as I could take it. LOL.

This was my view as we were about to take off…

And my GORGEOUS view looking towards the US during the half hour flight. SO AMAZING!

We quickly approached Vancouver…

And before we knew it, we were at the Harbour getting ready to land.

We made it!

All in all we had about 3 days in the city and we spent that time revisiting some of our favorite sights and checking out new ones. One of our favorite things to do in Vancouver is visit Stanley Park. We normally rent bikes and bike around the seawall but this year we decided to check out the Vancouver Aquarium instead.

So great!

They had a great variety of animals — lots of different kinds of fish, butterflies, monkeys, a sloth (always reminds me of Kristen Bell, LOL), seals, a dolphin and beluga whales (!!!). Such a fun way to spend a few hours.

The rest of our time was spent walking around the city…

Love the view of North Vancouver from the Harbour.

Indulging in gelato & sorbet from Bella Gelateria. Definitely worth the line.

Hanging out on Robson Street. I can’t remember why this seating was installed here… but it was cool! And much more comfy and firm than it looks.

We also took the ferry across False Creek to visit the neighborhood of Kitsilano.

It was pretty overcast and rainy that day (the only day without sun our entire trip!) but the view looking back towards downtown was still fantastic.

Then we strolled along Kits Beach and over to West 4th Ave for some shopping.

So I’m sure you know by now that our vacations are never complete without seeking out really good food. I always hear mixed reviews about the Vancouver food scene but Rob & I are HUGE fans.

Rob loves izakaya restaurants so we visited two of the Guu locations — the one in Gastown and the original location on Thurlow Street.

Oh, MAN. The original Guu is FANTASTIC. Every dish we tried was SO GOOD. Definitely a new favorite.

Last year Japadog was closed for vacation and we were pretty bummed. We were so happy they were open this time around. 🙂

Couldn’t resist a return visit to Medina for their scrumptious waffles. DROOL.

Speaking of sweet treats, I have to include this silly photo of the box of Timbits we bought from Tim Hortons. Soooo we purchased a box of 10 and when I was telling the employee how many of each donut we wanted, I inadvertently gave him a quantity of 11. D’OH! I quickly realized my mistake but not before Rob and the employee laughed at me. I CLEARLY can’t do math in my head. AND I’m a doofus. 😛 The guy helping us was really nice and gave me 11 Timbits anyway. UGH. Tim Hortons you are so good to me all the time.

BY FAR the best food experience we had was at Vij’s in the South Granville district. We arrived before opening to secure a spot in the first seating and were greeted and seated by Vikram Vij himself. I recognized him from his appearance on the Vancouver episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations so it was a treat to meet him. He was super accessible and even came over to our table multiple times to check on us. What a great experience! We splurged and tried a variety of appetizers and curries and all the flavors were ridiculously yummy. LOVEDIT.

And that was our trip! Until next year Vancouver. 🙂

For more pics, check our Flickr.