thanks 2013!

Oh man. I can’t believe the holidays are over. AND that I haven’t written anything since BEFORE Thanksgiving. YIKES!

Rob, Diesel & I had a wonderful holiday season. I hope all of you did too! I want to finish up my blog series on our trip to the Mediterranean (and eventually our other 2013 trips) but before I do that, I thought I’d share some random moments from the last half of the year… basically another one of my photo dumps. 🙂

To celebrate our 5th anniversary back in August, Rob & I had dinner at a favorite of ours — Napa Rose.

We ate at the Chef’s Counter once again, which I love because you get this great view of the kitchen…

It’s really such a fun experience.

To many more anniversaries!

We spent one day at the biannual D23 Expo. We wanted to see the Walt Disney Studios panel but only made it as far as the secondary viewing room (still fun to see live though). Outside of that, there really wasn’t enough to capture our attention for a full day. Not to mention that the lines for exhibits were pretty darn long. They definitely need more panels and activities to distribute the crowds better. BUT. The expo had two of the best photo opportunities!

Us with Captain America!!! Sadly it was not Chris Evans, lol.

And with R2D2! My favorite. So awesome.

During the Halloween season, we visited my buddy Duffy at Disneyland.

Spent my 34th (waahhh) birthday at Cafe Hiro with good friends. I adore their uni spaghetti. Nomnomnom.

Loved Thor: The Dark World so of course, I had to visit Thor at Disneyland. LOL. I met two of the Avengers in 2013. Before taking this picture, I asked him how Jane was doing and he said that he’s been busy so he hasn’t seen her but Heimdall is keeping an eye on her. LOVE IT. Again, it was not Chris Hemsworth. DARN.

For my friend Leah’s birthday, we headed all the way up to Universal Studios for a day. I haven’t been to this theme park in YEARS – probably since high school, which would be almost 20 years ago? So it was all pretty much new.

Rob & Ricardo got to meet Optimus Prime. 🙂 The Transformers ride, by the way, is AMAZING. The tickets that we bought at Costco double as season passes so I’m excited to visit and ride again.

The park has such a wonderful view.

We’re in Whoville! Love the crooked Christmas tree.

Spent a week in San Francisco for work in mid-December and my team was treated to a super fun cooking class and lunch at Sur La Table. We made yummy gruyere cheese puffs, salmon and green beans. Mmmm.

Such a great team activity!

Met up with friends visiting from out of town at where else – Disneyland.

The calm before the storm. Here’s Diesel after all the presents were wrapped and under the tree.

Our Christmas picture before heading to Christmas Eve festivities at my cousin’s house.

My cousin and I along with our nieces and Diesel on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day was spent at home with my dad and in-laws coming to us.

And our annual holiday party with friends. I look forward to this every year! 🙂

It was an amazing 2013 and I’m excited to see what 2014 has in store!