The Last of 2013: Van City, NYC & Paris

I think this might finally be my last 2013 blog post. LOL. Thanks for bearing with me. 🙂

Last year we took a couple of long weekend trips to Vancouver & NYC and also traveled to Paris for a half day at the tail end of our Disneyland Paris trip. I wanted to share a few fun photos before I officially bid adieu to 2013.

We took our annual trip to Vancouver back in May. Fourth year in a row!

One of our very favorite shows, Psych, filmed in Vancouver (*sniff*) so we decided to drive south to the city of White Rock BC, which the show used for many of its location shoots.

The Psych office!!! SQUEE. Ok ok, in real life it’s the White Rock Museum & Archives.

Rob doing a Shawn Spencer impression. LOL.

Where are Shawn & Gus? Too bad they weren’t filming the day of our visit.

The pier that was featured in the musical episode.

I don’t think this was ever featured on the show. But I guess this is the White Rock. Hee.

Back in Vancouver, we also visited the Capilano Suspension Bridge. I know it’s super tourist-y but in all the years we’ve visited, we’ve never been so we thought it would be fun.

And it was!

Before braving the bridge, we checked out the Cliff Walk, which is a series of suspended walkways jutting out from the granite cliff above Capilano River. There’s a portion of the walkway that features a glass floor. Super scary!

The Suspension Bridge! It was raining on and off with a slight wind during our visit so the bridge swayed more than I would have liked. I wouldn’t say I’m scared of heights but wow, I was so nervous as I walked across the bridge. My heart was pounding until I had my feet firmly back on the ground. Such a fun experience! Revisiting these photos reminds me that I need to figure out when we’re going to head up to Vancouver again this year. 🙂

In mid-August, Rob attended training in NY so I took that as an opportunity to tag along with him the weekend before for a couple days of eating & sightseeing in the city.

We took a red eye and when we arrived our hotel room wasn’t ready so we killed some time admiring the view at Bryant Park.

I was lucky enough to get free tickets from work to see The Book of Mormon that night. It was HILARIOUS! But definitely not for anyone who’s easily offended. I only wish we were better rested so we could have enjoyed it more. It was a really looong day. I’m hoping we can catch it again someday.

The following morning we took a walk along The High Line which is a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s West Side.

It was a gorgeous day.

We entered the park at West 26th St and walked all the way south to the end in the Meatpacking District.

It’s such a great space. I loved the seating & viewing areas sprinkled throughout.

You can still see some of the old train tracks along the path.

Another NY first is finally getting to see Washington Square Park and its famous arch.

On my last day we took the ferry over to the East River State Park in Williamsburg for the Brooklyn Flea. Many people visit for the vintage collectibles and antiques but we were there for the food. Our eats included a maple bacon stick and the most amazing porchetta sandwiches. SO YUMMERS.

The view looking back at Manhattan was spectacular.

Finally we spent a half day in Paris while we were staying at the Disneyland Paris resort. We had checked off many attractions during our week-long visit back in 2006 so this time around, we wanted to cap off our European adventure with a quick jaunt into the city for a great meal.

But first! A quick pit stop at the Eiffel Tower. As you do.

And the Arc de Triomphe. My favorite Parisian monument.

After going back and forth between a few restaurants, we decided on Le Cinq for lunch. It’s a two Michelin star restaurant located in the Four Seasons just off the Champs Elysees.

It’s so beautiful inside.

Rob & I ordered the seasonal tasting menu (note that the menus they give to women don’t have prices, LOL) and it was phenomenal. Sometimes French food is way too rich but this meal was the perfect mix of some lighter and heavier dishes. The soft-boiled egg appetizer, fillet of turbot entree and the wasabi butter with bread service were particularly memorable.

After dessert, our servers brought this lovely cart of mignardises to the table for us to choose more treats to take home with us. Yummy!

This wasn’t my OMGBESTMEALEVER as far as food but it was definitely THEBEST in terms of service. We had two servers who were so attentive (without feeling intrusive at all) that I seriously felt like royalty. They did absolutely everything short of feeding us. It was amazing.

And that finally wraps up our 2013 adventures! It’s so much reliving these trips through photos. 🙂

For more pics, check our Flickr –
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