top 5 on AI

Damn. I think Scott might be sticking around another week on American Idol. Guh. My predictions for the bottom 2 this week are Vonzell and Anthony with Anthony saying farewell. But let’s hope I’m wrong.

Squee! My Dawson’s Creek season 5 DVDs arrived today from the trusty Too bad s5 is my least favorite season of all. But whatever. I love shiny new DVDs. 😛

Book Challenge update…
13. Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Woodring Stover, 432 p
What can I say? I just wanted to find out exactly what happened before seeing the movie. Heh. It’s actually a better novelization than I expected. Is it May 19 yet?
14. The Second Assistant by Clare Naylor, Mimi Hare, 304 p
Just another chick lit book. I saw the hardcover edition on Amazon for $5 so I couldn’t resist. It’s about a girl who moves out to Hollywood to become an assistant at the top talent agency in the business. A fun read, if not a little exaggerated. Took me about 3 hours on the plane from Michigan back home.
I’m only at 14 books — crap. I have to speed it up.

Last but certainly not least, Happy happy birthday Nicola! Hope you have a great day!