shop til i drop

I had a great weekend with my best friend Robyn — I hadn’t seen her since Christmas (!) so I was really excited when she called me 2 weeks ago and said that she was going to drive up to Northern CA and visit me. Whee! I left work early on Friday afternoon (any excuse, right? ha) cause I knew she was arriving roughly at about 4pm. It was so good to see her again — with us, even if we don’t see each other or talk on the phone for months at a time, it still feels the same — like I can tell her anything and she’ll understand. Maybe that’s a product of having grown up together. Anyway, when she got here, I showed her my apartment and then we were lounging on the couch watching Moulin Rouge cause she’s never seen it before (the horror!). 😉 Then we went to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco cause we just felt like doing the tourist-y thing — you know, eating clam chowder and looking out at the beauty of the bay. After walking along the pier, we went back home and Robyn made a really yummy dip (cream cheese, sour cream, brown sugar, vanilla extract) that we ate with strawberries. SO good.

On Saturday, we woke up really early for our full day of SHOPPING (our mission was to buy shoes!) I can’t believe I woke up at 9am on a weekend — I’m usually in bed til like noon. heh. Anyway, we headed out to Haight and Ashbury — a quirky little neighborhood in San Francisco that has lots of cool shops, it’s very much like Melrose Ave., if you’ve ever been to L.A or Telegraph Avenue, if you’ve been to Berkeley. We got started at 10:30am and we were pretty much going inside every store — there were so many great clothes and shoes but I gave myself a rule to follow so I wouldn’t spend too much — I couldn’t buy it unless I could wear it to work (I hate the totally strict dress code we have — we don’t even have casual Fridays. grr). I managed to buy a really simple khaki skirt — I’ve been wanting one for awhile, I just never found one that fit quite right. Around 1pm, we had lunch at a really popular tapas restuarant called Cha Cha Cha. Their fried calamari and warm spinach salad are positively yummy. After lunch, we walked around until 3:30pm, but we still hadn’t had our fill of shopping so we decided to head downtown to Union Square and the SF Shopping Center. By the time we got back to the East Bay, it was 7 pm (!). For dinner, we met up with an old high school friend Mikey and had some really great Japanese food at a restaurant in Oakland called The Drunken Fish. If you’re ever there, go check it out.

And of course, all things must come to an end and Robyn left early this morning — now I’m back in my vegging mode. Watching TV, checking out my dailies, and trying to find pictures for a new layout (could it be?). I really should be doing laundry — hmmm.