Aww damn, I’m supposed to be cleaning my apartment for my best friend’s visit this weekend and what do I do? I fall asleep! Gah! I really need to vacuum but now that it’s 11:30pm, I don’t think the people who live below me will appreciate that too much. But what *really* sucks is that I missed so much great TV (yes, I realize I need to get my priorities straightened out) — I missed Friends, the season finale of The Bachelor AND the *N Sync concert special. ::makes mad face::

I found this portion of an article by TV Gal (a P/Joer!) at Project Nookie — hee!

“For me, there are some shows that transcend cancellation. “Dawson’s Creek” shows signs of approaching this special category by the sheer ridiculousness of its plot lines. I had to love that even though the 100th episode was a complete love letter to the Dawson and Joey relationship, Katie Holmes picked a Pacey moment as her personal favorite (Go Katie, Go Katie.). At least Katie remembers that Joey used to love Pacey. But I cannot call for the cancellation of “Dawson’s Creek” because hello I’m not crazy, I want to see Joshua Jackson every week.

Damn, she can read my mind! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I heart TV Gal.