nip/tuck s2 finale

I’m a day late but… OMG. The Nip/Tuck season finale? Freaking amazing. I actually haven’t watched the show in quite a few weeks (I always seem to forget when it’s on, hee) but I happened to see a commercial for it so I tuned in. %$#@! I’m still in shock.

— Nooooo!!!! The Carver attacked Christian! Sniffle. I seriously wanted to throw things at the TV. Hasn’t Christian been through enough?! And then when the single tear slid down his face… GUH. I *hurt* for him.

— Totally didn’t see the “Ava is a man” storyline coming.

— Poor, poor Adrian. I thought he was going to stab his mom and then he ends up stabbing himself! I know that his character was around to better elaborate why Ava was such a manipulative/predatory person but I really wish that the writers had explored him a bit more. Learning about Adrian was my favorite part of the whole Ava/Matt/Adrian storyline. And now he’s gone!

— I’ve never felt sympathy for Ava before but when she was holding Adrian in her arms… so, so sad.

— Who the heck is The Carver?! Also? The Carver mask scares the crap out of me.

I believe season 3 is slated to air in 8 months. 8 MONTHS! How am I supposed to wait that long to find out what happened to Christian? And how is Sean going to react when he finds out Christian was attacked? ARGH. I need answers, people.