EEEK. Maz and Sarah, you guys are totally right. I completely forgot Veronica Mars in my mid-season TV wrap-up below… oversight, really. I’m still watching but not with as much enthusiasm as I was over the summer when I got hooked. I don’t recognize the characters this season… I loved Veronica and Duncan last season (yes, both separately and together, as twisted as their relationship is) and now, they’re… ehh. I thought Logan and Weevil had so much potential and now Logan is an overexaggerated version of himself and Weevil barely has any screentime so who knows what he’s doing. It’s just disappointing. I had a lot of time on my hands this past weekend so I had an s1 marathon. Gawd, I devoured each disc. It was so engaging. I hope this season turns around. I *want* to love the show again!

Anyway, we recently got Netflix again so I’ve been catching movies I’ve wanted to see for some time…

Now I know what the hype is all about. Really, really enjoyed the movie. I only watched a few episodes of Firefly when it was on the air and I have to admit that I was not impressed (being on the Friday night schedule also did not help matters). :/ I think I have the DVDs around here somewhere so I’m going to give it another chance.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Cute, cute movie. And it totally made me cry! For some reason, though, I didn’t like Bridget at all. But in the book, I really loved her story. Maybe it was the actress? Or maybe the story about needing to feel loved just didn’t translate well on screen? Not sure. I do know that the movie totally made me want to visit Greece! One day. When I have lots of money.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Brad Pitt is HOT. (Seriously, he looks SO GOOD for his age). Angelina Jolie is HOT. I watched this movie purely to see pretty people wielding guns. It did not disappoint.

Up next is Crash

Totally random — the artwork for the Dawson’s Creek season 6 DVDs is atrocious. I mean, really.

2 thoughts on “serenity

  1. I hated Bridget in the Sisterhood movie too! I think part of it was the actress but I hated how she was constantly throwing herself at that guy. The books were awesome though.
    I actually loved Mr. & Mrs. Smith, I don’t know why. The friend that I saw it with hated it though.
    I didn’t say this before but congrats on getting your driver’s license!

  2. What they’re saying with the DC Season 6 Artwork is: “We know this season was crap, we had a few highlights reuniniting Pacey and Joey but basically this season was crap.”
    As for Travelling Pants – I didn’t like Bridget either! Maybe it’s coz they didn’t show her right…I don’t know, I liked her in the books – movie no. Mr & Mrs Smith I have no desire to see because Brad Pitts in it…however, Nearly everyone I know likes it…*shrugs*

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