alias is back

Whee! Alias is back! And I loved every minute of it.

Some brief (and probably shallow) comments…

Amy Acker’s in the credits? That’s pretty awesome. I think she makes a great baddie. And I loved when she called Jack “Grandpa.” HEE.

Ahhh, Weiss! I missed him. He takes pilates! *dies*

Is it mean that I totally laughed out loud when Rachel ran right into the door? Heh.

I don’t want Tom to be bad. Please.

What is up with Dixon’s hair? Just… no.

I adored the last hour. The Spy Family mission, Peyton versus Jack (she looked *gorgeous* walking away from the window and the falling helicopter, by the way), finding out Vaughn is alive… it was classic Alias. Like Season 1 style.

Next week looks GREAT. I can’t wait!