nbc + abc upfronts

Some early news about pickups and cancellations on The CW. *sigh* DAMN IT.

Anyway, some comments on the NBC and ABC upfronts…

I knew NBC was doing horrible but I didn’t realize HOW horrible. OMG, they have A TON of new shows next season. Sadly, the only new show I have any interest in watching is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. And that’s pretty much because of Matthew Perry (YAY, I’m so excited he’s back on TV!) and Bradley Whitford. I think they’ll make a great team. Plus, it’s an Aaron Sorkin show. He never fails with the dialogue.

Ok, I take it back. I *may* also be interested in checking out Heroes because I just saw Greg Grunberg’s name on the cast list. Although the show’s premise sounds borderline cheesy… “Ordinary people discover they have extraordinary powers.” This show could go either way.

I can’t believe that The Apprentice was renewed. I mean, seriously?! NBC must really be hurting. It’s had horrible ratings and it’s gotten worse each season it’s been on the air. I’m glad about Las Vegas, though. It’s a terrible show (who cares about Danny and Delinda? Not me) but I need my Josh Duhamel fix. YUM.

It’s no surprise that Desperate Housewives, Lost and Grey’s Anatomy were renewed. I’m REALLY surprised that What About Brian was renewed. I never made it past the first episode.

It’s sad not to see Alias listed. *sob*

I think I’m going to check out —
Day Break – Sounds like a mix of shows that have all been done before… a detective is accused of killing an Asst. DA and he will keep reliving the same day until he figures out who is framing him. But you know, this is different. Cause it’s Taye Diggs. 😛

Six Degrees – This show intrigues me because it’s another JJ Abrams-produced show.

But of course, once the promos start airing and the Entertainment Weekly Fall TV Preview issue comes out, everything could change and I’ll watch none of the shows I thought I would.

Off to check out the CBS schedule…