heroes 114

Quick Monday night TV thoughts…

Poor Jack Bauer. He has the WORST. FAMILY. EVER.

Michael and Sara totally made me SQUEE with joy in Prison Break. Those two have smoldering chemistry. I’ve been so hesitant to like them together because in PB time, it’s only been a few months since they first met. There just hasn’t been enough time for them to develop feelings for each other. But I can’t help it. The show is trying to manipulate me and I’m totally getting sucked in. I’m such a sap.

I absolutely love Heroes but I rarely feel compelled to blog about it… until tonight. HOLY CRAP. The reveal at the end!!! (Cutting for spoilers).

I can’t believe NATHAN (!!!) is Claire’s biological father. I love Nathan. I love Claire. Such a great twist.


It was a good night for TV.