random tv ish

Some random TV comments:

Rob likes watching that Pussycat Dolls: Search for the Next Doll show on the CW. I don’t understand why. They’re all terrible. They make me cringe when they sing. :/ I can’t believe this show is keeping Veronica Mars and One Tree Hill off the air. Grrr.

So The Black Donnellys is cancelled. I have about 4 or 5 episodes saved on the Tivo (I never got past the pilot) — any TBD fans out there think I should go ahead and watch them? It looks like the remaining episodes are going to be streamed on NBC.com so at least the show will get some closure. I just wish NBC.com’s media player wasn’t so… SUCKY.

We had Dancing with the Stars on last night (I guess it was the results show) and I happened to catch Joey Fatone’s encore performance of the tango. OMG. It was the cheesiest thing EVER. Seriously. He and his partner did a Star Wars-themed tango. YES, REALLY. Joey was dressed as Anakin (or Obi-Wan, not quite sure) complete with braid down his back and his partner was dressed as Princess Leia. AND he had a lightsaber as a prop. WOW. That was classic. I love Joey. I didn’t realize that Apolo Anton Ohno and Ian Ziering were also on the show this season (maybe I did and forgot, I’ve been in a total work haze lately). I may have to start watching. 😀