first book post

I thought I would do a quick book post (haven’t done one of these in *forever*) since Bev asked me why I didn’t like The Time-Traveler’s Wife

I started and finished this book on the plane ride home from Paris so maybe I rushed it a little bit, I’m not sure. Anyway, I thought the story was compelling (I wouldn’t have read 500+ pages if it was a snoozefest) and I thought the time-travelling concept was interesting (though I did find myself confused a few times because of all the back and forth) but I didn’t care about the characters. They weren’t very likeable, their choices frustrated me and I just didn’t feel connected to them at all. 🙁 Plus, I have to admit that the relationship between Henry and Clare made me cringe at times. <– I think this’ll make more sense after reading the book. Anyway, I hope that didn’t dissuade anyone from checking this book out… I’d love to hear what you all have to say.

So, what have I been reading lately? I recently picked up a romance novel and I’ve found myself addicted to them. Hey, they’re so easy to read! And fast too! I turned to Alie and Sarah for recs and they didn’t disappoint. I’m currently on the last book of Nora Roberts’s Three Sisters Island trilogy. The books combine witchcraft, suspense along with romance. It’s a great mix and I love that the story isn’t sacrificed or rushed along for the romance.

I’ve also read some chick-lit books… nothing particularly memorable except for Something Blue by Emily Giffin. UGH UGH UGH. I normally LOVE chick-lit, despite the heroine’s typical flightiness, but Darcy in Something Blue was just awful. She was shallow, self-centered and obnoxious. I’m so glad I found the book on the bargain table at Borders.

Finally, I finished The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory, which I really enjoyed. It’s my first stab at a historical novel and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved being immersed in Henry VIII’s court (yes, despite all the inaccuracies) and thought it was an interesting choice to write the book from Mary Boleyn’s perspective, who is overshadowed (in real life and in the book) by her sister Anne. Highly recommended. Anyone know if Philippa Gregory’s other books are as good?

That’s it for now… I don’t think I’m very picky when it comes to books so if you have any recs, please share them! 🙂