premiere week

So let’s talk Heroes and Reaper.

Solid premiere. Loved that Molly has 2 daddies! Awww. And was I the only who squealed “SARK!” when David Anders appeared as Kensei? Just me? (Come on, Alias fans!) All of his scenes with Hiro were pretty darn hilarious. The best was when Hiro had to put his glasses on when he saw that Kensei is actually white. BWAH. And I have to admit that I like that DA is rocking the English accent again. Hehe. But of course, I have some nitpicks. Are we supposed to like Claire’s new “friend?” Cause really, he creeped me out at the end with his flying and his STALKING. That is not romantic. I also didn’t care for the twins. I found them to be very… meh. Can’t wait to see what Niki and Micah are up to! YAY SHOW.

Good cast, sharp writing, humor with a touch of the supernatural. So much LOVE. Is it weird to say that I love the Devil?! Ray Wise is phenomenal in this role — charming and funny yet slick and evil. Bret Harrison is also a standout. He plays Sam, the lovable college drop-out, perfectly. They make a great “team.” And cause I love quotes, I have to share some of the best from this episode:
— Sam: Is this a carjacking?
— The Devil: For this? If it was an Escalade, maybe.
— The Devil: Oh, gag, look at that tool. (This made me laugh at loud, which I rarely ever do).
— DMV Lady: Hmm. I’ve never seen one of these before. The Boss must think you’re a moron.

Next up: Dirty Sexy Money.