witl, day 1

I did it! I carried the camera around with me today so here goes…

A Week in the Life of Kel, Day 1

Oh, and I know I’m totally breaking the rules but I want to elaborate on these pics. I’m such a rule-breaker!

09:16 am – Morning Coffee!
I only have “real” coffee once a week and I always get it from McDonald’s. I get a lot of grief from my co-workers. Hey, I like it! Anyway, this is the left side of my desk at work — you can see the framed photo of Rob and me from college, my rolodex, and my iPod speakers.

01:13 pm – Weekly Farmers Market at Crocker Galleria
I bought some big and juicy strawberries!

01:28 pm – Lunch at My Desk (As Per Usual)
Lunch was a yummy yummy Chicken Tandoori Wrap from Chaat Cafe and a generic coke from our community kitchen.

05:50 pm – First Day of the Month
Turned the page on my adorable shih-tzu calendar. This is the right side of my desk — or what I call the “toy” section. Note my stuffed bear and Nemo and my Star Wars figurines. I’m such a kid. 😀

09:20 pm – “Healthy Dinner”
McDonald’s for dinner. Not exactly what I should be eating after a really good workout. Oh, well. The vanilla cone was worth it. 😛

09:45 pm – Game Time

Ever since we picked up Mario Kart on Monday, we’ve been playing daily. SO MUCH FUN.

Ok, off to watch Lost!