witl, day 2

Ugh, I totally forgot to Tivo yesterday’s Oprah show with the Sex and the City girls. Massive FAIL to me. 🙁 Hopefully I can find it on YouTube.

Anyway, this meme is turning out to be so much fun!

A Week in the Life of Kel, Day 2

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07:17 am – Diesel in the Morning
Diesel and I wake up at the same time in the mornings. He likes to follow me around as I get ready for my day.

07:27 am – Diesel Loves to Eat
One of the first things I do in the morning is feed the little guy. He scarfs his food down right away.

09:17 am – Friday Means Starbucks
I’ve been really good lately at limiting my trips to Starbucks to Fridays only. I save a little money and it makes me look forward to Fridays more than I already do.

10:31 am – Mmm… Strawberries
Breakfast today was a Tall nonfat peppermint mocha and a huge bowl of strawberries that I bought at the Farmers Market yesterday. Sooo good.

05:04 pm – Search for Socks
I need some really good pairs of sports socks for a yoga/pilates-type class I’ve been taking lately. You know, the kind with “grips” at the bottom to help with slipping. I went to the mecca (aka Lululemon) but unfortunately, they only had really obnoxious ones (bright colors and stripes). Oh well.

05:21 pm – I Love Vera Wang
My Macy’s bridal registry consultant sent me a Friends and Family coupon for this weekend so I headed over there to buy the toasting flutes and cake knife/server set that Rob and I will be using at the wedding. We picked out the popular Vera Wang ‘Love Knots’ pieces — so pretty! I wasn’t planning on getting them until closer to the wedding (there’s no space for all this stuff!) but I couldn’t pass up purchasing them at a discount.

06:47 pm – Sleeping Beauty
When I got home, Rob was taking a nap. So of course, I changed into my PJ’s and also enjoyed a quick “cat nap” before dinner. 😀

09:28 pm – They’re Here!
Our invitations arrived today! So exciting. I’ll show some sneak peeks of them in the next few days since we’ll probably be spending most of the weekend getting them ready to be mailed out. YAY.

No pictures from the middle part of the day because 1) there was nothing going on at work and 2) I had a business lunch and even though we had the most amazing dessert platter, I did not feel comfortable busting out the camera to take pics. 😛

Have a great weekend everyone!

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