YAYAYAY. Our FABULOUS wedding photographers posted a slideshow of some of our wedding photos on their blog… if you have a few minutes, check it out here. I have watched it so many times, it’s ridiculous. It also reminds me that once I get the digital proofs in my grubby little hands, I want to do a kind of “look back” series of blog entries as a way to share the details with all of you and also for me to relive the day all over again (humor me). 😀

But first! I don’t think I ever mentioned one of THE BEST things we had at our wedding reception — a photobooth. It’s kind of a “trend” at weddings nowadays and at first I didn’t think we could afford it but Rob really wanted it… and since it was really the only thing he had an opinion on, we made it work. And I’m so glad we did. It was SO FUN — the booth takes 4 pictures and prints out 2 copies… so we asked that guests keep 1 copy for themselves and then insert the other into an album and write us a quick little note. It was a hit! We have such an amazing memento that was put together for us by our guests.

I thought I’d share the ones of Rob and me (click for bigger)…


I have to thank Cheesy Photobooths for being so awesome to work with. They answered all my logistical questions quickly and offered their design services for the custom banner (I ended up making it myself). And the attendant on the day of our wedding totally ROCKED. We had some… uh, rowdy (read: drunk) guests and when the booth tipped over TWICE, he quickly fixed it and Rob and I were none the wiser. I HIGHLY recommend them.

In other news, I listened to Britney’s new single Womanizer on I pretty much love it. YAY.