24 s7 premiere

I haven’t talked about TV in awhile… well, it’s about time. Cause JACK IS BACK!!!

Comments on 24’s 4-HOUR premiere here.

The first 2 hours didn’t really grab me but the THIRD?!? OH YEAH.

And the reason I loved it so much?

BUCHANAN! Bill is awesome.

I already knew from casting announcements that Tony was coming back from the dead to return as a “villain” so that wasn’t a surprise. Bill totally was. 😀
I love the trio of Bauer, Almeida, and Buchanan. Ok, fine, foursome if you include Chloe. And so far, I’m enjoying their deep undercover/rogue agency storyline. THUMBS UP.

I’m not too keen on the First Gentleman’s storyline (is that his title?) or anything having to do with Madame President at all but these are minor complaints. The show’s already gotten off to a better start than last season so I’m happy.

Love this show!