star trek

I thought the release date for Star Trek was Friday, May 8 but for some reason, it was playing at our local movie theatre on Thursday night. So off we went!

The trailers shown before the movie totally got me excited for summer movies! I want to see…

G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra. Channing Tatum. 😛
Terminator Salvation. CHRISTIAN BALE. *drool*
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. No, not because of Shia LaBeouf. It’s all about Bumblebee! Oh, also Josh Duhamel.


Back to Star Trek. Confession – I’m not a Trekkie. I might have seen 1 or 2 episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation (I thought Wil Wheaton was cool) but I never saw the original series or any of the previous movies. So my thoughts on the new movie might be totally off the mark. Oh well. 🙂

So I really, really liked it! I liked that it was accessible to non-fans like me. I’m sure there were lots of inside jokes and references but I never felt left out.

Spoilers? Maybe.

The cast was amazing. I absolutely LOVED Karl Urban as Bones. Chris Pine did a great job as Kirk too — he’s a cocky character but Pine managed to make him charming and likable. I’m a fan of Zachary Quinto’s so I naturally thought he was a great Spock. The weakest link was Zoe Saldana as Uhura but I’ve never really liked her acting. I always feel like she’s OVER-acting. The interaction between the whole cast felt natural and real — I particularly loved the friendships between Kirk/Bones (one of my favorite scenes was when Bones injected Kirk with a virus to get him on board Enterprise and Kirk kept saying “STOP IT” — lol-arious) and Kirk/Spock (they had a great push/pull relationship).

The movie started out strong with an amazing opening sequence. I only knew Kirk’s dad for a few minutes and my heart broke. After that, the movie took a while to get going again (although totally necessary to introduce the characters and their background) but once it did, the action was pretty much non-stop until the end. Like I said earlier, I know nothing about Star Trek canon so I thought the twist of the alternate reality was interesting. I have no idea how hard core fans will react but I like that this movie (and any of its possible sequels) now exists in a different “universe” from all the previous ones.

My only real complaint about the movie is that Nero is kinda boring and forgettable. THE VILLAIN of all characters. What a waste of Eric Bana!

Regardless, I would totally watch this again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.