season openers rock

Just got done watching 3 hours of TV — hee, I’m so giddy! (Why yes, I realize that I am a bum).

I really enjoyed the season premiere of BtVS — it laid the foundation for the rest of the season without being too heavy-handed and serious. It was funny and light-hearted (“Is there anything you don’t know everything about?” “Synchronized swimming. It’s a mystery to me.” — hee!), which is just what I wanted after what I found to be a dark Season 6. I didn’t like the foreshadowing for Dawn: The Vampire Slayer — blah. I also found Anya’s scene to be kind of tacked on, like an afterthought or something. Not too sure how I feel about insaneSpike yet. And I love that they’re back at the high school but did anyone else think that it was really bright? Weird. But damn, the last 5 minutes just floored me. It was really chilling to see Warren, Glory, Adam, Dru, the Mayor, the Master and finally Buffy herself — “It’s not about right. It’s not about wrong. It’s about power.” Just, wow.
Oh, and the new principal — yuuumm. 😛 And please, more Giles. Thanks.

The Smallville premiere was… ok. I liked all the Clark/Lex scenes — but for purely superficial reasons. 😛 Seriously though, the only character I really cared about was Lex — I love angsty Lex. Oh, and Chloe rocked too — I found her tears to be extremely realistic. I normally like Lana too but tonight she was kind of… eh. But maybe my opinion on the show is slightly biased because I miss Whitney. 🙁 Bring him back!

I also watched The Real Word: Las Vegas — what can I say? I like to torture myself. But really, what the heck is wrong with these people? It’s the second episode (and the 4th day according to them) and already there’s a threesome going on. My head hurts.

Gah, it’s getting late — I guess I have to watch my tape of Gilmore Girls tomorrow — who in the world decided to make my life so difficult by placing GG against BtVS? Grr.