goodbye yellow brick road

Was anyone else stunned when Ryan Seacrest announced that Ruben was in the bottom 2 on American Idol? Never saw that one coming.

And can I just say that Katie Holmes’s hair looks awful. It’s all 2-toned — dark brown for 5 inches at the top and then it transitions into a horrid bright orange. Ugh. Why did she choose now, at the end of DC, to grow out her roots? It’s really distracting. Anyway… my thoughts on tonight’s episode of Dawson’s Creek, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road…”

Finally! We are getting to the good stuff.

Dawson and Joey: I loved the return of the ladder — I really loved their quirky friendship in season 1 (sleeping in each other’s beds, talking on and on about sex) and I was happy to see them clearing the air, so to speak, and actually talking about what happened to them in “The Song Remains the Same.” I really do think that the show is primarily about them and the place they have in each other’s lives — and it seems like they’ve finally gotten past their romantic issues and are able to be just friends.

Pacey and Joey: When their scene first started, I was annoyed with KH’s delivery of the lines — she seemed to be chastising Pacey instead of consoling him. But once it ended, I realized Joey was right. Pacey is so quick to out himself as a “loser” and get all negative and depressed. Loved Joey’s little squeeze at the end… very reminiscent of “Like A Virgin.”

Dawson and Pacey: I’m one of the few DC fans who actually *sees* the friendship between these two — so to see them fight AGAIN, just made me so sad. I don’t see how I could pick a side — I think both of them had valid points and they both took the argument too far. Cause seriously, did Dawson have to bring up the triangle again? So 3 years ago. And did Pacey have to be so defensive? Dawson *did* want to cash out last week but Pacey didn’t listen. But was it just me or was the fight scene a little… off. Joey’s little interruptions really ruined the flow or something. And every time she put her hand on her forehead, I looked at her 2-toned hair and I totally forgot there was a scene going on. It really is that distracting for me.

Jack/Jen/Grams: The best part of the episode for me! Can I love these 3 anymore than I already do? 😀 Their interaction is so natural and real to me. I love them to pieces. And I especially like how continuity came for a visit when Jen and Grams reminded Jack that he wanted to go to the University of New York back in season 4.

And the PROMOS! Agh!