prison break

Just wanted to send my thoughts out to Amy and Allison and everyone else affected by Hurricane Katrina. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. *hugs*

So I remembered to watch the series premiere of Prison Break Monday night and I liked it. BUT. The story was a little too far-fetched for me (and I’m someone who has no problems believing Jack Bauer has had 4 incredibly crappy days or Sydney Bristow is a superspy) — I mean, WHO in their right mind would *intentionally* get arrested so he can break himself and his brother out of prison?!? Makes no sense to me at all. But once I got past that, and the cheesy dialogue (“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” — come ON!), I actually found myself wanting to find out what happens next. Especially at the very end with the… you know. EEK. I also really liked the set up for the government conspiracy plot against Lincoln… that’ll keep me watching for the next few episodes to see where the writers go with the story.

Plus, there’s always the eye candy. Wentworth Miller is cuuuute. Whenever Mariah Carey’s video for We Belong Together is on, I always watch it so I can catch a glimpse of him, lol.

Anyway, FOX is rerunning the premiere on Thursday, I believe… so there’s another chance to catch it if you missed it!

So it’s official. The Fall TV season has started. YAY. Speaking of which, where in the world is my Entertainment Weekly Fall preview issue? That’s the issue I look forward to the most every year. Hurry it up! 😛