music post!

I really really want to go to Disneyland. When I was still in elementary school, I went to Disneyland every year for my birthday with my parents. I guess I’m just feeling nostalgic. Plus, I’ve heard Space Mountain is open again! I LOVE Space Mountain. It’s my all-time favorite ride ever. Hmmm. Maybe for Christmas…

I’ve discovered lots of great artists and songs from all of you so I thought I would return the favor and upload some of my current “songs of the moment.” 🙂

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password: monster

Black Eyes Peas – Don’t Lie
Black Eyes Peas – Gone Going
Black Eyes Peas – My Style (with Justin Timberlake!)
Death Cab For Cutie – What Sara Said
Imogen Heap – Hide and Seek
Jack Johnson – Better Together (if I ever get married, I want this song to be a part of my wedding somehow)
Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes (Yum, reminds me of Hawaii)
James Blunt – Tears and Rain (Many thanks to Barry for reccing him in the first place!)
Kanye West – Gold Digger
Kanye West – Touch the Sky

I’ll probably take these down in a week or so. Songs deleted!

And some VERY brief TV talk while I’m here (beware spoilers)…
Veronica Mars, 2.02, Driver Ed
Wasn’t feeling this episode at all. It was all Jackie’s fault. She SUCKS. But yay Meg!

Gilmore Girls, 2.04, Always a Godmother, Never a God
How rude was Lorelai during the baptism?! UGH. If I were Sookie, I would have thrown her out. That entire scene was obnoxious. It made me so mad!

Prison Break, 1.07, Part 2
EEK. T-Bags is so awful. I hope he’s offed and doesn’t get a chance to escape. The actor who plays him is amazing, though. I seriously feel icky and squirmish watching him onscreen. *shudders* Anyway, loved the Michael/Sara interaction (ie. sexual tension :P) and the Michael/Lincoln hug at the end (you can just tell all is right with the world when they see each other). Too bad we have to wait 3 weeks for the next episode. Stupid baseball.