season finales, part 1

AWESOME. So You Think You Can Dance? has premiered. Oh man, I love this show.

I’m finally getting around to blogging about this season’s finales (most of these finales aired weeks ago but just in case, SPOILERS ARE AHEAD)…

Grey’s Anatomy
AMAZING finale. Too bad it was ruined by my ANGER at Izzie. Argh. She frustrated me so much. I realize her actions were motivated by love but OMG, she had her crazy face on. I never thought that Denny would survive (it just didn’t make sense in terms of the story) so I wasn’t suprised when he died. It did break my heart, though. I wouldn’t call myself a Denny/Izzie fan but watching her break down in tears pained me. But I loved, loved, loved when Alex picked her up off the bed… it was such a beautiful gesture. But then I’ve loved everything about Alex recently (despite his assiness). Cristina disappointed me a little bit with her inability to be supportive of Burke (*sob* I hope his hand is okay) but the big disappointment was the Meredith/Derek love triangle ending. I’m so over them. And I’m a Mer/Der fan. They almost killed the finale for me.

America’s Next Top Model
Loved that both Joanie and Danielle were in the final 2. I would have been so pissed if Jade had made it that far. I was already pissed that she was in the final 3! I think I was rooting for Joanie just a tad bit more but I’m satisfied with Danielle winning. They both took absolutely gorgeous pictures. Overall, though, I think this cycle was kinda… meh. No one really stood out to me (well, except for Jade but she stood out for all the wrong reasons). Even Joanie and Danielle don’t seem to have that “it” quality. In person, they just don’t come across like models. But then, a couple of the past winners didn’t strike me as having model qualities either (ie. Naima and Nicole). Oh well, I’ve never thought that ANTM actually produced real models anyway.

Veronica Mars
So it was Beaver. He did exhibit some questionable behavior throughout the season so I can buy it. I liked him, though… when I thought he was just a shy teenager who was bullied around. Now? Not so much. He orchestrated the bus crash. And if that’s not enough, he raped Veronica. !!! *shudders* Poor Veronica. I was crying with her when she confronted Beaver about the rape. And while I’m not a Logan/Veronica fan, I did love the way he was so protective of her in that rooftop scene but their reunion gave me whiplash. It wasn’t too long ago that Veronica walked away from him with tears streaming down her face. Plus, I would rather *see* them get to the point where they can be in a relationship instead of watching flashbacks of their summer together in the season 3 premiere. As for the rest of the finale, I thought anything involving Jackie was unnecessary (her storyline should have been resolved in previous episodes) and my favorite scene was Duncan’s brief conversation with Clarence Wiedman and their reference to the CW. Hehe! I’m worried about Weevil, though… I hope his arrest doesn’t mean he won’t be around next season. 🙁

Aaaaannnnnddd I have about 10 other finales to write about but it’s time for bed. 😀

2 thoughts on “season finales, part 1

  1. I’m with you all the way on all three shows your wrote about. ANTM… I liked both Joanie and Danielle like you, but also like you, overall this cycle was just kind of meh, nobody stood out as being that beautiful or extraordinary I guess.
    As for Jackie in VM, I’m right there with you. It should definitely have been resolved earlier so the finale could have kept the focus more on Veronica I guess. I just thought the Jackie/Wallace stuff was blah.

  2. Wow, we have very similar opinions of the season finales! 🙂 I feel the same way about Alex. He grew on me towards the end of the season. And the D/M ending was poor.
    I am a really big Logan/Veronica fan, but it didn’t make any sense for them to all of a sudden be a total couple again. We need to see him earning back her trust after she walked in on him and Kendall.

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