season finales, part 3

I just realized that I never finished up my season finale commentaries. Since the new season’s about to start, I figure I might as well knock these out. You know, for posterity.


One Tree Hill
HATED the ending. I mean, Haley screaming as Nathan jumps into the river to rescue Rachel and Uncle Cooper?!? What is THAT about? The poor girl just got married. Seeing the credits roll after that just about KILLED me. What if the show hadn’t been renewed? Grrr. And I’m so torn about the Peyton/Lucas/Brooke triangle. I love L/P but I completely understand Brooke’s feelings of betrayal. I really, really wish that the L/P storyline had played out differently… without Brooke getting hurt. Blah. Especially if it turns out that she’s pregnant. This is so my guilty pleasure show but we would be SO OVER if any other main female character besides Karen is pregnant.

Desperate Housewives
Susan got on my nerves, Betty Applewhite did nothing, and I… got so bored. I actually have about 4 (maybe more???) episodes saved on my Tivo but I know I’m never going to sit down and watch them. I don’t think I’ll be watching season 3.

Las Vegas
I want to see Danny in a relationship with Sam… but that’s just wishful thinking. Instead, he falls in love with Delinda (again) who is about to be married. WHY?!? Oh Josh Duhamel, the things I put up with for you. I read somewhere (maybe it was Ask Ausiello) that the upcoming season’s episode order was reduced. :/ It’s not looking good…

This is a great show but honestly it’s not one of those shows that I’m *obsessed* with… I haven’t watched all the episodes multiple times and I don’t plan on purchasing the DVDs. So sadly, I can’t really remember all the details from the finale. Something about the demon inhabiting John’s body? And Sam not shooting him? THIS is why I need to write up my commentaries right after watching the episode and not months after, heh. I do remember the image of the unconscious Winchesters after they were hit by the huge semi. 🙁 That crash totally took me by surprise.

I can’t believe that Michael left Kate, Jack and Sawyer with Henry Gale. HENRY GALE. Dude is seriously creepy. His eyes make him look possessed or something. *shudders* What about Eko, Desmond, and Locke?! The freaking hatch blew up! Why is Charlie still around? And he had to go and have a cute ending with Claire. Ugh. I don’t quite know why I dislike him so much. But I do. I’m still bitter that Boone had to die and I have to watch Charlie every week. :/ The whole Penelope ending went way over my head so I’ll obviously have to pay better attention next season.

Still have a few more commentaries to write… hopefully I’ll finish them this weekend. I need the closure. 😀