witl, day 3

Happy National Scrapbooking Day! 😀

I haven’t scrapped in forever. I just haven’t really thought about it in awhile. 🙁

Anyway, the photo meme continued…

A Week in the Life of Kel, Day 3

Note: I am by no means a photographer so please excuse the amateur pics. 😀 You can click each image for bigger!

I actually started my day at about 10:30 am when I went to the gym across the street. I brought the camera with me so I could take a picture during my walk over. As soon as I turned on the camera, though, I realized that I left the memory card at home. Doh! That’s why the pictures start so late in the day.

01:29 pm – Walking to Subway
Rob and I wanted Subway for lunch and since it’s just a short walk away, we decided to take the little munchkin along with us.

04:24 pm – One Dollar Churro
We had to go to Costco to pick up some odds and ends and of course, I could not leave without a ONE DOLLAR CHURRO. Yummy. It was really windy and I wasn’t wearing any makeup so please excuse my crazy face. 😀

04:50 pm – The Search Continues
I am still looking for yoga socks so we headed over to Sports Authority to see if they carry them. Nope. Rob did browse around the shoe section so the trip wasn’t a complete waste.

11:31 pm – Assembling the Invitations
We spent the rest of our night tackling the invitations. I made little tags with our guests’ names on them that I’m going to tie onto the envelope. They’re going to be so pretty!

Only 4 pictures today — sorry! I actually had more of the invitation process but since some of our guests actually read my blog, I decided to wait and post them after the invitations have been mailed. I don’t want to give away *too* much. 😀

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