eclipse + breaking dawn

First things first — have to congratulate my friends Leah and Ricardo! They welcomed their baby girl to the world on Sunday. It’s like baby season! Aww.

Second. I’m finally caught up with Gossip Girl. WTF is up with all the partner-swapping?!? GRRR.

Third. Another WTF to tonight’s episode of 90210. Silver is a whole new brand of kerrrazy.

Fourth. I just LOVE the tagline for the new Fast and Furious movie. NEW MODEL. ORIGINAL PARTS. Hehe, that is awesome.

Now. I started this part of the entry waaaaayyyyy back in November and never finished it. Oopsie. I had already written half of it so I figure better late than never.

So I finally finished the last 2 books in the Twilight series. Some thoughts (possible spoilers)…

I think this might be my favorite of the 4 books. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I ended up enjoying this book. I still don’t like Bella much (I just do not find her relatable) and I’m not a huge fan of love triangles in general but this book was different. In New Moon, I was irritated by her relationship with Jacob. How she could manipulate and use him the way she did. 🙁 I didn’t feel that here. There was something more. There was a real push and pull in her feelings for Edward and Jacob. I saw that in her stubborn intent to face immortality (because she knew how it felt to live without Edward) but also in her reciprocation of Jacob’s kiss (a reminder of the human life she was leaving behind). But what I’m most happy about is that she made a choice. A final one at that. (There’s nothing worse than a waffling character – I’m looking at you, Joey Potter).

Apart from the love triangle, there was much more happening with the other characters, which is probably why I liked this book so much — discovering Rosalie and Jasper’s pasts, learning about the werewolves as individuals and as a pack (imprinting, how the pack developed over the years), and the joint effort between the vampires and the werewolves to fight Victoria and the newborns. All good stuff.

Also, remember how I said that Jacob was possibly my favorite character in an earlier blog entry? Yeah, I take that back. Still like him but he got on my nerves in this book.

Breaking Dawn
After liking Eclipse so much, I was disappointed in the final book. My memory is a little hazy now but the beginning (wedding/honeymoon) and end (the battle, Jacob/Renesmee) were just too perfect. Bella made her choice but never experienced any of the consequences of making that decision. Instead, she gets everything she ever wanted… to be a vampire, Edward as her husband, Jacob as part of her family, a newborn baby, etc. Ehhh. Everything felt forced, almost unrelated to the previous three. The series should have ended with Eclipse.

Random: I just realized that Twilight is on its way to me from Netflix. It should be here tomorrow. I may not be a huge fan of the books but the movie exists on a whole different level (mostly because of Robert Pattinson). Hee. I’m excited to watch it.