eclipse + breaking dawn

First things first — have to congratulate my friends Leah and Ricardo! They welcomed their baby girl to the world on Sunday. It’s like baby season! Aww.

Second. I’m finally caught up with Gossip Girl. WTF is up with all the partner-swapping?!? GRRR.

Third. Another WTF to tonight’s episode of 90210. Silver is a whole new brand of kerrrazy.

Fourth. I just LOVE the tagline for the new Fast and Furious movie. NEW MODEL. ORIGINAL PARTS. Hehe, that is awesome.

Now. I started this part of the entry waaaaayyyyy back in November and never finished it. Oopsie. I had already written half of it so I figure better late than never.

So I finally finished the last 2 books in the Twilight series. Some thoughts (possible spoilers)…
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new 90210 + pb

First, I want to wish my friend Ricardo a Happy Belated Birthday! He’s one of my few real-life guy friends who actually reads this thing so I had to give him a shout-out (this does not sound right coming from me). 😀

Anyway, had a very lazy 4-day weekend. My back hurt (have no idea why – I haven’t been to the gym since before the wedding) so I lay in bed and watched a lot of CSI. (What’s new, right?)

Is it just me or did Entertainment Weekly not have their annual Fall TV preview issue this year? I LOVE that issue. It’s like my new TV season bible. Seriously. I always read it from cover to cover trying to figure out my TV schedule for the new year. It never arrived and all of a sudden the season started this past Monday. I was not prepared.

I haven’t watched Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill yet but I did catch the new 90210 (terrible) and Prison Break (interesting) so of course I have a few comments (beware of spoilers).

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I was totally looking forward to the 90210 Reunion Special today — and I have to say I’m a bit disappointed. It was way too nice and schmaltzy or something. I wanted to hear about the DRAMA! 😀 I did like all the clips they showed from the very beginning and omg — the hair! and the clothes! So AWFUL. I can’t believe I used to think this show was trendy. Oy.

Some observations: It was weird that they seated Shannen, Luke and Jennie in the middle couch. I know they were like the original love triangle and all (Dylan/Brenda forever! *ahem*) but I always thought that Brandon and Brenda were the “main” characters. Ooooh, I’ve heard rumors that Shannen and Jennie don’t like each other and I never really believed it until today — throughout the entire special, they never once looked directly at the other. And in the beginning, when everyone first arrived and they were all hugging, the two of them hugged for like 2 seconds without making eye contact at all. Gotta love real life drama. And not to be completely shallow or anything, but gawd, Jennie Garth looks so much better now than she ever did on the show — in all the clips they showed of her as Kelly, she was so pale, it was scary.

So now I have this 90210 itch — too bad FX only shows the reruns on Saturday mornings from 7-10am. And I think they’re showing the season when Donna is auditioning for the Tournament of Roses parade. Yawn. I’ll have to start taping the episodes when they’re in high school — those are classic.


I am currently on a Beverly Hills, 90210 kick. I spent the better part of today watching a 90210 summer marathon on FX. It rejuvenated my love for Brenda/Dylan and Kelly/Brandon. ::sigh:: So of course, I surf around trying to find pics of them and… nothing! The only pics I’ve managed to find are teeny tiny. Back in high school, when my 90210 obsession was at its peak, I had this scrapbook where I kept all the articles and pics I could find on the show and the cast. ::hides:: I can’t remember if I threw any of it away — it’s been so long since I actually looked through the stuff that’s still in my room at home (in southern CA). It would be great if it was still lying around cause then I’ll have cool pics to scan. 😛