well played, 24

Of course just a few weeks after I rant about 24, the show decides to hit me with 3 solid weeks of episodes (albeit unbelievably sad ones).

DAMN. The internet feed being on a tape delay was a good twist. CTU was too late to save President Hassan. And the terrorists succeeded.


Renee’s death (after having sex with Jack!). I totally did NOT see that coming. It was unnecessary! And sad. I’m torn about what this means for Jack’s story. Because seriously? Instead of a happy ending, he’s going to be out for revenge. Again. Just like he was many seasons ago after Teri’s death at the end of season 1 (and even in season 6 after Audrey’s captivity by the Chinese). The only difference is that Teri was killed because of Jack. Renee was killed because of what she potentially knew. Argh to the recycling of storylines!

Oh, well. At least Hassan and Renee’s deaths have lifted the show out of the excruciatingly painful funk it was in the first half of the season.

Well played, 24. Keep it up through the series finale!