farewell jack bauer

Confession. I have no desire to watch Sex and the City 2. I thought the first movie was pretty darn perfect as is. I don’t want my memories to be ruined by the new movie. 🙁 Maybe I’ll watch it on DVD.

So work has been rough lately. Which means I’m super behind with TV. And I totally forgot So You Think You Can Dance premieres this week. WTF is wrong with me?

I did manage to watch the 24 series finale, though…

I complain a lot about this show. It has been enormously frustrating the past few seasons. But I freaking LOVE it. It brought me Jack Bauer and his Jack-pack, one of my most favorite couples in Tony and Michelle, Bill, Chloe, Presidents David and Wayne Palmer, Aaron (the best Secret Service agent ever), and many others.

OMG. I will miss this show so much.

Season 8 was a weak season overall (what was the BIG DEAL with the peace treaty and why didn’t the Russians want to sign it?) and the series finale wasn’t much better but it had some great character moments (mostly between Jack and Chloe) that I loved…

— Chloe bringing Jack back from the dark side. It’s been really hard for me to watch Jack let his need for vengeance get the better of him in these last few episodes (the episode where he cuts open Tokarev to find the SIM card comes to mind… *shudders*). And it made sense for Chloe, someone who’s truly his friend, to be the one to make him stop and think about his actions before he went through with the assassination.
— Jack forcing Chloe to shoot him. OMG. This scene was unintentionally hilarious. I don’t know if I’ve ever loved Chloe as much as I did here.
— President Taylor and Dalia Hassan’s throwdown. FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. You could seriously feel Dalia’s shock at being simultaneously betrayed and blackmailed. I have to admit, though, that I’m a little disappointed that Taylor’s character was written this way to begin with. This was the same President who sent her daughter to JAIL last season because she had such a clear sense of right and wrong.
— President Taylor’s desperation and remorse at finding out she might not be able to stop Jack’s execution. The way she leaned on the wall in the elevator as if she couldn’t hold herself up… that was amazing acting.
— The final scene between Jack and Chloe. It was perfect. Their farewell was unbelievably emotional (no doubt Kiefer and Mary Lynn’s own). I loved the way Jack looked straight at the screen like he was addressing the viewers and thanked Chloe for having his back all these years. *sob*

I wish Jack didn’t have to be on the run, though (way to recycle the season 4 ending, writers). It’s not fair that he’s rebuilt his relationship with Kim and now he won’t even be able to watch his granddaughter grow up. That makes me sad. But I guess the ending had to be open-ended if the rumors for a theatrical movie are true. Maybe Tony can be a part of it somehow. 😀

Farewell, Jack. It’s been a fun 8 seasons.