more thievery!

So I noticed that my bandwidth usage is abnormally high for the month but I was too lazy to look into it further earlier today. I think it’s the weather — it’s unbelievably hot and it’s making me completely unproductive. Anyway, I finally get around to checking my email after watching tonight’s Alias and I get an email from the lovely Shirphie (thanks girl!) letting me know about this site that took my layout from A Drop in the Ocean, a number of my wallpapers *and* to top it all off, they’re direct linking most of it. I’m so stupid for forgetting to install the .htaccess file ages ago. *hits head* I don’t even want to bother emailing this person so for now, I uploaded .htaccess so she doesn’t kill more of my bandwidth. I’ll have to get around to contacting her soon because there are a few images that she uploaded to her own server. Too bad I don’t know what language she speaks. UGH. If anybody knows and wants to drop me an email, I’d be really grateful. Also, does anyone know how to disable right-clicking? Any opinions on it? I can’t believe this. So annoying.

I’m going to do the Seven on Sunday because shopping and/or thinking about shopping always makes me feel better… 😉

Seven things you’d buy right now if you weren’t too broke to afford them…
1. A Marc Jacobs bag… soft leather, beautiful colors, and awesome hardware. Gorgeous all around, if it weren’t for the price.

2. Widescreen plasma HDTV. My boyfriend and I go to Best Buy to look at them. They’re so cool.

3. A new cell phone. I’ve had mine since the dark ages (1999). It’s so old and clunky compared to all the new phones.

4. A Laptop for Rob. He needs a new computer like, immediately.

5. A trip for Rob and me to traipse around Europe for a few months. We need the vacation.

6. This simple bracelet from Tiffany & Co.

7. A smaller house for my Dad. I always feel bad that I moved clear across the state and he lives in a 4-bedroom house by himself.

It’s about 1:45am and I’m not sleepy at all. I’m still fired up from learning about that site! Guh.