dc dc dc

Ah, so much good TV — I enjoyed BtVS and all the Spikey goodness. I already love James Marsters so this episode really cemented my fan looove for him. Spike’s ending scene was fantastic — great acting (the hurt, the angst, the confusion — all there) by JM and the dark atmosphere and the crucifixion imagery was really powerful. *sigh* My favorite part was the look that Spike and Xander shared when Nancy asked if anyone there had not slept together. Hee! I have great hope for this season.

As for Smallville — it was another ooohhkay episode. After Vortex, this episode was totally out of place. Granted, it was supposed to take place 3 months after last week’s episode but the timing just seemed jarring. I mean, we went from dealing with natural disaster and potential loss to an episode that was about lust, passion and sex. Loved all the Chloe/Lana scenes (girl power!) though — I’m glad that the writers aren’t going the way of Dawson’s Creek and are actually letting the girls have a real friendship. Next week’s episode looks promising — Pete might be in more than 2 minutes of the episode! Truly shocking.

2 hour season premiere of Dawson’s Creek tomorrow! I’ve got my blank tape ready and waiting, lol. I’m actually looking forward to it despite promos and pictures like this. Agh. What a painful image.

But to celebrate my DC love, I have a new domain — Creek Daze. Yay! There’s still a coming soon image but it will soon house the general DC site for the Dawson’s Creek Network. For now though, it has my very own scan site — Fields of Gold. 🙂 Please visit and let me know what you think!