harry potter 6 cover

My Girl Scout cookie order finally came today. Mmmm, they are so heavenly. I got home from work, started watching TV, and proceeded to eat almost an entire sleeve of Thin Mints. Good grief. I need to practice some self-control.

The girls’ performances on American Idol were pretty disappointing tonight (I thought the guys were *much* better last night). I only liked half of the girls (Nadia, Jessica, Carrie and Vonzell) — the rest were very mediocre performances. Since I made a few guesses on who’s going to get voted off on the guys side, I’ll pick a few from the girls. Let’s see — my money’s on Amanda, Janay or Lindsay. They’re definitely the bottom 3 for me, anyway.

Did you all see the new Harry Potter cover? Just a few more months away!