star wars preview & reality TV

Star Wars: Episode III preview on during The O.C. tomorrow night! YAY!!!

Some spoilers below for Idol, Alias, and Top Model
So I guess I was completely off the mark on predicting which guys would be voted off on American Idol. I was shocked… and a little disappointed because I really liked both Nikko and Travis (he wasn’t a great singer but he had a great smile :P). The girls were pretty obvious choices in my mind so I wasn’t surprised in the least. All in all, a pretty stellar top 12.

I really enjoyed Alias tonight — especially the nod to Page 47, when Syd stole page 47 while she, Will and Jack were having dinner with Sloane and Emily. Ahhh, the memories. I love little callbacks like that. It was also good to see Dixon FINALLY doing something (anything!). The poor character has practically been an extra for the past few seasons. I want him to go on more missions with Syd! They were awesome partners. I’m also really glad there finally seems to be some set-up for an over-arching plot (Jack and Sloane — the power couple!). This season’s been missing that — like, a link that connects all the episodes together, you know? Stand-alone episodes are great but I love having something to look forward to week after week.

Also remembered to catch America’s Next Top Model tonight. I’m so, so disappointed that Brita was voted off. She was the most gorgeous girl there! I bet it had nothing to do with her photo and everything to do with her age and weight. And they kept Brandy! And her bad attitude! UGH.