oc renewed!

I totally called the results on American Idol!!! MWAHAHAHA.

The O.C. has officially been renewed for a third season! YAY! I also came across this great cast interview/panel hosted by The Academy Television Arts & Scienes called The O.C. Revealed. It’s pretty long (about an hour) and the interviewer asked some really random questions but it was fun to see the actors and producers interact and speak about their characters and the storylines. Two things that I remember in particular — Josh Schwartz commented on wanting to keep Alex around (Olivia Wilde) but she had some offers and they weren’t ready to make her a series regular. Huh. I liked Alex but I can’t even imagine how the dynamic would have changed between the teens if she had stayed on. Also, Peter Gallagher mentioned that there was more response to the Sandy/Kirsten/Rebecca storyline than the kiss between Alex and Marissa. I’m not surprised. I think fans really love Sandy/Kirsten’s marriage. Anyway, check it out if you have time.

Now for some American Dreams comments…

Guh. Chris returned. *sigh* After watching the really sweet scene of Meg, Rox, Sam and Luke hanging out and listening to the Rollingstones in the parking lot, Meg had to go home to find Chris at her doorstep. %$#@! I can’t believe next week’s episode is the season finale (possible series finale as well) and they’re going to be devoting time to his relationship with Meg. I’m really disappointed.

I am incredibly jealous of this girl who won the grand prize in the Godiva Valentine’s Day promotion. She received 52 boxes of Godiva chocolates and 52 pairs of Manolo Blahnik shoes. Can you imagine all the gorgeous shoes AND the year’s supply of chocolate-covered strawberries? *dies*