jrm on tv

I am still in shock about Jessica being voted off American Idol. I didn’t see that coming at all. She was ROBBED. America, you are killing me!

And then Meg leaving with Chris on the season finale of American Dreams?!? What was she thinking? What does she see in Chris? I never found his character to be the least bit likable. I so wanted to slap some sense into her… except that I was in near tears while she was shooting the commercial for Jack (so bittersweet in hindsight) and saying farewell to Rox. *sniff* I will be so upset (SO UPSET) if this episode turns out to be the series finale. Don’t let me down, NBC.

So then I’m watching CSI tonight and what do I see? A commercial for that TV movie about Elvis Presley starring none other than Jonathan Rhys-Meyers!!! SQUEE. He looks gooooood. Oh yes, he does. See here. *sigh* I’m counting down the days until May 8.