a good one tree hill episode?

Rob and I moved our TV and Tivo to our new apartment last weekend and OMG, it is *so* boring without a TV in our room. How am I supposed to watch all my shows?! I’m such a TV junkie. I swear, the thing is always on. I’ve had to download all my shows this week and have barely had the chance to watch any of them but I DID catch a few shows…

American Idol
LOVED Bo. And surprisingly, Anthony as well. The girls were… average. Not really surprised that Anthony was eliminated — the vote was bound to be between him and Vonzell. She’ll be the one to go next week, though. I can’t imagine the producers allowing anything but a Bo and Carrie showdown.

One Tree Hill
OMG. Probably the best episode of the season. Really. It *almost* makes this disappointing season seem worth it. Almost. The alternate universe was great — so many nods to the first season (Haley’s hat, the N/H bracelet scene, Nathan wearing Lucas’s grey hoodie, Peyton’s Ramones t-shirt), and the characters were actually true to character, if that makes any sense. I mean, Haley was the smart, witty, and grounded girl I loved in the first season (too bad the “new” Haley appeared at the end, though) and Brooke was the fun and flighty cheerleader (who didn’t get lots of screentime, thank goodness — oh, the benefits of being Mrs. CMM!). Plus, how much did I love that Nathan and Haley were MEANT2B even in the alternate universe?! Aww. That was the best. James Lafferty and Chad Michael Murray also did a great job switching roles. I think I may have even liked JL’s version of “Lucas” better! I’m actually looking forward to the finale now.

Got tickets to see the midnight showing of Star Wars next week. SQUEE.

More moving this weekend. Oh joy.