oc + reunion

So… TV.

The O.C.
The O.C. premiere was shiny. And pretty. And I liked it (plus the music selection was positively amazing for this episode). It looks like the show is returning to the relationships of the core characters, which is just fine with me. I thought last season suffered because there were too many characters that screamed “short term plot device.” The one character I will miss is Trey… admittedly I wasn’t his biggest fan but why’d he have to leave? 🙁 I was hoping to see more of his relationship with Ryan. There’s not nearly enough “Chino” in Ryan anymore. I already don’t like the Kirstin stalker storyline. Ehhh.

The first thing I thought when I saw Will Estes was that American Dreams really isn’t coming back this season. *sob*

Once I was over that, I realized that this is a really bad show. Really interesting concept (I do love a good mystery) but horrible execution. The cheesy dialogue didn’t help. Or the unsympathetic characters. I especially disliked Aaron and Craig. Didn’t care for any of the girls (Amanda Righetti on ANOTHER FOX show — they really seem to love her). Only liked Will because it was Will Estes. You know, the residual American Dreams love and all. I’ll probably watch a few more episodes… until CSI and Everwood start. It’s in a tough time slot so let’s see if it survives. Though I doubt it.

Anyway, after seeing Will Estes, I was feeling nostalgic for American Dreams so I popped in my DVDs this weekend. I watched/listened to the commentaries on the pilot and the finale and I think I adore the cast even more than I did before. They all resemble their characters in some way, they’re all good friends, and they all absolutely love their show. Awww. On the pilot commentary with Brittany Snow (Meg) and Vanessa Lengies (Roxanne), they would quote the dialogue verbatim, even poking fun at themselves that they had watched the pilot numerous times. They were also fawning over the scene where JJ blows a kiss to Beth who is watching his football practice from the sidelines. OMGSOCUTE! I love those two. *sniff* I SO miss this show.

I really need to do a Book Update soon. Too bad I’m not even close to 50 books. Not even at HALF yet. How embarrassing.