chuck + heroes finales

I can’t believe it’s already season finale time… Wowzers.

Chuck and Heroes ended their second and third seasons respectively so I wanted to write up some quick thoughts before I forget…

Let’s start with Heroes, shall we? (beware spoilers!)

Heroes 03.25: An Invisible Thread
It was just… ok. I can’t believe Nathan died… AGAIN. Isn’t this the third time now? It’s getting a little predictable. But what I don’t understand is WHY they couldn’t use Claire’s blood to heal him?!!! Wasn’t that how Mr. Bennet was healed after he was shot last season? I admit I haven’t been paying very close attention so maybe that was a special, one-time thing? I don’t know. Anyway, as much as I love Adrian Pasdar, I wish Nathan was really dead. This whole Nathan/Sylar storyline is NOT COOL. I don’t believe that Mr. Bennet would allow Sylar to live. Hasn’t he wanted him dead since season 1? (And random: I had no idea Matt Parkman was so powerful… crazy).

Another thing I found strange was how THE BIG FIGHT between Sylar, Peter, and Nathan took place off-screen. When Claire was locked out, I thought we would see the fight from her perspective but then… nothing. That felt a little anti-climactic.

There were a couple of awesome moments, though…
– Claire standing up to the Secret Service agent. Haven’t been a fan of hers recently but this was cool.
– Peter shapeshifting as the President and drugging Sylar. That was unexpected and totally AWESOME.

I’m sure I’ll watch season 4… I have to find out what’s going on with Hiro (PLEASE give him a better storyline) and Tracy (can she not die?) and I’ll be waiting for “Nathan” to inevitably realize he’s Sylar.

Chuck 02.22: Chuck versus the Ring
This finale was AWESOME. AWESOME. AWESOME. I will be so sad if it ends up being a series finale. I loved every moment of this episode…

– Emmett telling Chuck he is a “flaming heterosexual.” BWAH.
– The entire MR. ROBOTO montage. I haven’t been the biggest fan of Jeffster but I have to admit this was CLASSIC.
– Mr. Awesome’s reaction to Jeffster — “Why are you letting Sam Kinison and the Indian lesbian ruin your wedding?”
– Casey dropping in to help Chuck fight off Roarke and his men. “You rang.”
– Sarah ripping off the bottom of her bridesmaid dress and looking for weapons among all the wedding presents.
– Casey. Wedding Planning. !!! “That clashes with the bunting.”
– Ellie and Awesome’s wedding on the beach. So beautiful. Loved the purple and fuschia color theme.
– Sarah choosing not to go with Bryce and essentially CHOOSING CHUCK. SQUEE.
– Sarah and Casey FINALLY not telling Chuck to “stay in the car” during a mission.
– Bryce’s death. I didn’t like him much but it felt like the right time.
– Chuck choosing the spy life and uploading the intersect. !!!
– “Chuck me.” Oh man, Casey had a lot of great quotes in this episode.
– Chuck gaining unexpected powers and fighting off all the bad spy guys.
– And Chuck’s last line… “Guys… I know kung fu.”

PHEW! Great set up for next season… *crossing fingers* So many good storylines already! How will Chuck handle his new abilities? What will happen to the Buy More? Will Ellie ever find out about Chuck? Who are these bad spy guys and how are they connected to Fulcrum? Will Chuck and Sarah ever get it together?!?

Aaahhhhhh… so good. Please let NBC renew this show. *sigh*