goodbye chuck + hello smash

I haven’t blogged about TV in a loooong time. With one show off the air for good and another joining my schedule, these few comments are past due (SPOILERS!)…

*SOB* I can’t believe it’s over. What I loved most about this show is its heart (I know, so cheesy) — but seriously, despite some of the questionable mythology (all the details about the Intersect made my head spin), the through line of the show was always Chuck & Sarah.

And they’re the reason why I’m SO TORN about the series finale. SO. TORN.

Immediately after I watched the finale, I was satisfied. I liked that the show didn’t spell out the ending and left some of it up to the viewer’s imagination. But now that it’s been a few weeks, part of me is a little sad that they *didn’t* wrap everything up neatly. The storyline of Sarah losing her memories could have been incredibly compelling. If it was done a few episodes in advance of the finale. As it was, it felt rushed and unexplored. But my biggest issue is that the last image we have of Sarah isn’t the Sarah that we’ve watched and loved these past 5 seasons. Not really. She’s back to the Sarah we met when the show first started. Sure, there are indications that she’s starting to regain her memories but DAMN IT, can’t she and Chuck just have their happily every after?

All that said, I absolutely loved the last scene of Chuck & Sarah at the beach. It was a wonderful call back to the pilot, except that now their roles are reversed and Sarah’s the one who needs to trust Chuck. LOVE.

See? I’m torn.

I guess I just wanted to have a more lasting image of their happiness. I’m a sap, I know. I miss this show!

There was a lot of hype surrounding this show. Maybe a tad too much. So unfortunately, my expectations were pretty high and I finished the pilot feeling a little underwhelmed. (I haven’t watched the second episode yet so maybe my opinion will change). I just couldn’t get over how predictable everything was. I mean, casting couch (come on, is Karen really that naive?!)? Debra Messing as the straight half of her writing duo? And the experienced veteran pitted against the beautiful new ingenue for the lead role? REALLY?! But admittedly, the production value and musical numbers on this show are spectacular so I’ll be sticking around for at least a few more episodes. I’m a sucker.

Any other new shows I should be watching? 🙂

tv season wrap-up, part 1

I’ve barely written any TV blog posts this year so now that the 2010 – 2011 broadcast season is over, I figured I’d write some quick finale thoughts…

The Vivian Volkoff arc in the latter episodes of the season left a lot to be desired (I think it was partly because the actress just wasn’t that believable as a villain) but the finale provided a satisfying resolution to that storyline while setting up new adventures. Honestly, I would have been ok if the show didn’t get renewed – we got to see Chuck save the day without the Intersect (although I have questions about how Sarah managed to stay alive so much longer than other Norseman victims), Sarah & Chuck’s wedding (their vows! LOVE) complete with flashbacks to their relationship (I guess the writers were thinking series finale), and our favorite team back together as freelance spies. But that’s not to say I’m not ridiculously happy that NBC is giving the show a chance to go out on its own terms. I’m excited to see what the writers have in store for the last season, especially now that Morgan has the Intersect uploaded to his brain. !!! I didn’t care for Morgan in the first few seasons but he’s become one of my favorites and it’ll definitely be interesting to see how he and Team Bartowski handle this uhhh… unique situation.

Hawaii Five-0
I don’t take this show too seriously so I thought the finale was pretty darn awesome. There were some WTF moments (anything related to Danny/Rachel and the need to leave for New Jersey THAT DAY) but I totally didn’t expect the twist with the governor and Wo Fat. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, I wonder if this was planned from the very beginning of the season. Maybe the governor put together the 5-0 task force as a way to keep Steve close and monitor what he was doing. Really good set up if that’s the case. Now Steve is arrested for murder (they have to see his taser burn, right?!), Kono’s suspended (I can’t believe the eyewitness testimony could be considered credible at this point), and Chin’s back at HPD (I have hope he’s going to be their “inside man” and try to help the others somehow). Phew. I have no desire to see Danny back in a relationship with Rachel (ugh, cheaters!) so he better stay in Hawaii to help his friends (although I don’t know why they bother with the drama of him moving to NJ — he’s a main character and isn’t likely to leave).

No Ordinary Family
So much potential (love the actors, especially Autumn Reeser) but this wasn’t a good show. I’m sorry! The writing was lacking (terrible storylines, inconsistent characterization), the episodes were slooooow, and there was just no spark. The premise really intrigued me but the execution was all wrong. Disappointing. Not surprised it didn’t get renewed.

It may seem as if I don’t like this show… but I really do. I just have problems with its inconsistency. Especially this past season. I think I got a little whiplash with all the back and forth between good (Duets, Original Song) and terrible (A Night of Neglect – WTF) episodes. But I’ve come to accept that I’m here for the characters, the minimal development and interaction they get, and above all, the songs and performances. I’m ok with that.

One Tree Hill
Oh, this show. Just when you think it’s over, it goes and gets renewed. Again. I still watch because I’ve really grown to like the characters but it’s lost a lot of the fun and spark it used to have in the earlier seasons. Plus, there’s been veerrrryyy little storytelling in the last few episodes. Nothing really happens! It’s no wonder they keep doing time jumps to change things up. In any case, the finale was fine. Everyone had their moment and their happy ending — Brooke gave birth, Haley opened her cafe, Nathan and Clay found their star, and Chase returns from the Air Force to reunite with Alex (who I actually love now). See! Would have been a great series finale. I’m not really sure what other stories they have to tell but I have two requests — can they PLEASE limit Chuck and Jamie’s screentime? They’re taking screentime from characters I actually care about. And they are not cute kids, I’m sorry. ALSO, and maybe more importantly, PLEASE bring back the original theme song full time. As interesting it is to hear different artists’ take on the song, it’s just not the same.

The Good Wife
I love this show. But I think it suffered slightly from trying to do too much in its second season. They introduced characters that didn’t really work, dropped storylines (the deleted voicemail kills me), and sacrificed the screentime of major characters in the process. The last few episodes, though, after Bond was ousted and Peter and Kalinda’s past was revealed, were pretty much on par with the best episodes of season 1. Not to mention that they did a great job of setting up storylines for next season. Like Alicia/Will exploring their relationship (loved that Alicia was the one calling the shots that night) — how is that going to affect their interactions with Peter? Will’s conversation with Peter in the finale was already fraught with awkward tension. Or Eli moving his business into the Lockhart Gardner offices — does this mean more Alicia/Eli interaction? Yes please! And with Alicia/Peter’s separation, I sure hope it means less Jackie. The actress may be a Dawson’s Creek alum (Grams!) but I CANNOT stand the character. I know she’s a mother and loves her son but COME ON. Cheating is not ok and she acts like Peter did nothing wrong. She irks me so much. The only thing I’m dreading about next season is the move to Sundays. Especially on CBS after football. Isn’t this where they put shows to die? 🙁

Ok, that’s it for now — back again with the rest soon. Happy 4th of July!

midseason tv report card, part 1

It’s midway through the 2010 – 2011 broadcast TV season and I thought it was about that time to do a midseason TV report card (gosh, it’s been awhile since I’ve done this)…

Chuck – A
One of the few shows I have to watch immediately. I love it. The past couple of seasons have been really solid with the story arcs about The Ring and Chuck’s mom and I’m so happy that Chuck and Sarah are a REAL couple! And they’ve been together since last season! I’ve always hated how fleeting TV relationships usually are. Chuck and Sarah prove that there’s always drama to mine in any romantic relationship (especially since they’re spies!).

Hawaii Five-0 – B+
This show isn’t reinventing the genre or anything but I enjoy it. Doesn’t hurt that Steve and Danno are totally HOT (and totally in a bromance — come on, they banter back and forth every single episode). But as much as I love Scott Caan, I’m not sure why he was nominated for a Golden Globe for this show. He’s basically playing himself!

Gossip Girl – B+
This season’s major story arc (so far) involving Juliet and her obsession with revenge against Serena is so ridiculously over the top. But that’s what I love about this show. I may not care for her but I have to admit that Juliet brought new life to the Upper East Side with all her mischief-making. Minimal Jenny and Vanessa is also a good thing. It’s too bad because I actually like both characters — the writers just don’t know what to do with them and they no longer have any redeeming qualities. I’m also intrigued by the thought of Dan/Blair. I used to ship Chuck/Blair but that relationship is seriously MESSED UP and beyond repair (I loved them so this is really disappointing). Blair deserves much better.

No Ordinary Family – C
Ehhh. I don’t know. This could actually be a decent show (they have the acting talent!) but it’s just so bland. There’s no spark. I expected much more from Greg Berlanti. But I’ll probably stick it out until the end of the season to see if it gets better. If not, I probably won’t tune in next season (if I’m being honest, I don’t think the show will get renewed; the ratings are pretty dismal).

Glee – B
I have a lot of issues with this show (treatment of Will and Rachel’s characters, portrayal of women, Kurt making everything all about him, etc) but I can’t help it. I love the singing! And sometimes there are flashes of brilliance as evidenced by The Duets and The Substitute, which are episodes that reminded me why I love these characters and why I continue to watch the show. I also discovered Darren Criss this season — he’s a new favorite!

One Tree Hill – C-
Same old show. I seriously can’t believe it’s on its 8th season. WHAT. As per usual, the show is slow-paced and isn’t scared to put its characters into unbelievably melodramatic situations (the stalker turned shooter comes to mind). At this point, I’m only watching for Brooke and Julian’s wedding and to see if the writers can give Nathan and Haley a storyline worthy of their awesomeness. I could care less about Clay/Quinn (OMG, most snooze-worthy relationship EVER) and Chase/Alex (I’m *still* in shock that Stephen Colletti is on this show — from none other than Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County).

The Good Wife – A-
A favorite. This season hasn’t been as good overall as the first. It feels like the writers are trying too hard to match the magic of the first season. Even still, it’s miles better than most other shows on the major broadcast networks. Anyway, I’m torn about the new characters — I wanted so badly to like Bond (Michael Ealy) and Blake (I’m a huge fan of Scott Porter’s from Friday Night Lights) but they’re not layered enough characters for me to understand their motivations. All I know is that they’re taking away precious air time from the characters I love, like Kalinda! But the season seems to be ramping up for some interesting reveals and I’m looking forward to it.

Modern Family – B+
I’m normally not a sitcom person but this one is HILARIOUS! The kids are the best. Especially Manny! It’s nice to have some levity on my TV schedule.

Part 2 in the next few days… 🙂

comic-con 2010: days 3 & 4

Oh man, it pains me that I’ve only been blogging about once a week lately. My poor abandoned blog. Work, house maintenance, and TV take up so much time leaving nothing for the blog. Obviously my time management sucks.

Anyway, apparently I have commitment issues when it comes to topics on my blog. So even though it’s been 3 weeks since Comic-Con, I’m finishing up my recap, damn it! Beware blurry pics.

Saturday, July 24

Today was our INSANE panel day. Rob and I basically went to Ballroom 20 and stayed there from morning until late afternoon. No joke.

The first panel of the day was Chuck. It started at 10am and at 8am the scene already looked like this. CRAZINESS.

I was so excited for this panel (hence the reason for the 2 hour wait in line) and it ended up being a little disappointing. First, the panel started late (I later found out it was due to technical difficulties) so by the time they showed the opening highlight reel and hilarious Jeffster music video (singing Lady Gaga!), the cast was only able to come on stage to answer questions for a short time. 🙁

They did reveal a few tidbits for next season —

— Linda Hamilton has been cast as Chuck & Ellie’s mom.
— The Buy More has been taken over by the CIA and Olivia Munn and the Old Spice guy (Isaiah Mustafa) will guest star as CIA directors (or agents? I can’t remember).

The moderators also pointed out that besides Chuck & Sarah, there was another break-out couple last season — Casey (Adam Baldwin) & Morgan (Joshua Gomez). When asked what they like about working with each other, Joshua said he liked Adam’s soft hands (what?!) and Adam joked back that when the crew is setting up scenes for the two of them, they have to get an apple box for Joshua to stand on since he’s so much shorter. BWAHAHAHA. Poor Joshua looked so embarrassed.

After Chuck was a series of panels for animated shows I don’t watch — Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, Futurama, The Simpsons (Rob does, though). I didn’t know what the heck they were talking about but I have to admit that they were HILARIOUS. Especially Seth MacFarlane and the entire cast and crew of Family Guy. During the audience Q&A, a fan went up to the mic and was so nervous, he was stammering and couldn’t get his question out. Seth MacFarlane laughed and said he thought the fan was going to pull one of these and he pretends to whip out a gun and start shooting. OMG. So inappropriate. But I laughed anyway. I couldn’t help it!

Family Guy

The Cleveland Show


The Simpsons

Next up was the V panel, which was a complete and utter snoozefest. Rob left mid-way through because he was so bored (he went to the Eureka and Warehouse 13 panels). And he’s the one that watches this show! I only watch it because he does. All I remember is that the actor who plays Tyler is just as weird and awkward as his character. Really. Oh, and Elizabeth Mitchell is an incredibly humble and gorgeous actress.

FINALLY. FINALLY. It was time for Fringe. OK. SO. I didn’t watch any of season 2. I was pretty much there to see my celebrity crush Joshua Jackson.


The cast and creators talked a lot about duality and duplicity with regards to the show’s alternate universe and how choices play a role in the differences between the two worlds. Anna Torv described it best when she said that both Olivias have similar goals but our Olivia wants to be the best while alt-Olivia just wants to win.

Everything else they discussed pretty much went over my head but really intrigued me. Maybe I need to do a season 2 marathon?

But for me anyway, Josh Jackson was the highlight. He infused humor into the panel. For instance…

— At the very beginning, the moderator asked him “Is Peter about to embark on the most exhilarating threesome he’s ever had?” WTF. IDEK. Anyway, JJ answered by asking in return “Is there such a thing as a non-exhilarating threesome?”
— During the audience Q&A, the panel decided to ask the fans questions in return. One of the questions was why Gene (the cow) had polka dots. When the fan didn’t know, JJ grabbed his water, took a huge sip, and made gurgling noises. The fan correctly guessed a bong hit. BEST moment of the panel by far.
— The last question asked by the panel was about the pot strains that Walter crossed. It’s completely quiet for awhile when someone in the audience yells out the exact ingredients. The creators are surprised, tell him that he wins a t-shirt while JJ says “And a five-to-fifteen year jail sentence!”


Aaaannnnd the last panel for the day was The Vampire Diaries. I was REALLY surprised at how much the ballroom emptied out after Fringe. It went from full capacity to half. Those people don’t know what they’re missing.
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30 Days of TV Meme: Day 2

Day 02 – A show that you wish more people were watching

CHUCK! It’s a hidden gem. I SWEAR.

I know that a computer whiz downloading government secrets into his brain (and later becoming a super spy) sounds a little (ok, a LOT) out there. I get it. That’s what I thought too! But it’s about the characters. Chuck’s a likable boy next door who works at the Buy More (aka Best Buy) and has a “secret” life complete with NSA & CIA handlers John Casey and Sarah Walker. And OMG, their interactions and spy missions are awesome. Throughout the past 3 seasons, we’ve watched them accept each other and develop into a real team capable of learning from and appreciating one another. Throw in Chuck’s nerdy best friend Morgan and his over-protective sister Ellie (neither of whom know his secret) and you’ve got yourself a fun action-comedy.

LOVE THIS SHOW. Catch up on DVD!

The rest of the prompts…

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monday tv update: 24 + chuck

Thanks everyone for the congrats! Rob and I are super-duper excited to buy our first home. It’s very close to where we live now so we’re constantly walking by to see if any progress has been made. So look forward (or not) to pics as it gets built.


Anyway, I haven’t blogged about TV in a looooong time. Not since last year (sounds so far away, heh). It’s not that I haven’t been watching (I totally have) — it’s just that I’ve been feeling a little uninspired. But finally, my Monday shows brought me out of my blogging funk (possible spoilers?)…

OY. This used to be one of my absolute favorite shows ever. Those days are gone. Now I watch this show only out of loyalty to Jack Bauer. This makes me sad. I can forgive the recycled storylines (Jack no longer works for CTU but is sucked back in due to a national crisis) but I CAN’T STAND the ridiculous storylines and even more annoying characters. They seriously suck the life out of the show. Examples:

– Dana Walsh. UGH. I was really looking forward to the addition of Katee Sackhoff to the cast but wow does her storyline suuuuuck. First she’s saddled with Kevin, an ex-boyfriend who’s stalking her. Then she agrees to help him and his buddy Nick steal money from an evidence warehouse in order for him to leave her alone. When he does not (OF COURSE), she follows them, her fiance Cole (poor Freddie Prinze Jr — I want better for him) follows her, they try to scare them off, Nick kills Kevin, Cole kills Nick and they dump the bodies. IDIOTS. Sadly this storyline is not over yet. Now Dana has to deal with Kevin’s parole officer who is conveniently looking for him at 2:30 in the freaking morning. COME ON. Get it together, writers.

– Arlo. He’s not a main character by any means but MAN does he annoy me. I think it’s the permanent smirk on his face, condescending attitude, and constant attempts to flirt with Dana. His role (and his job at CTU, I think) is pretty similar to Milo (Eric Balfour) and Adam (Zachary Quinto) from seasons past and while they had their jerk-y moments, they were still characters you liked to hate. I just hate Arlo.

As far as the main terrorist storyline, it’s finally ramped up in the last 2 episodes. With the Russians out of the picture and Tarin being revealed as the big bad (possibly?), things are finally getting interesting. It only took 11 episodes.

If I might make a suggestion, the show needs more Jack and Cole working together…


But as much as I’ve been dissatisfied with this season, I’m really going to miss this show if the cancellation rumors turn out to be true. 🙁

And now a show that I’m completely enjoying this season…

Aaahhhh! So good this season! Chuck as a spy totally cleared up some of the issues I was having with the show — in the past, missions involved him flashing, Sarah and Casey yelling at him to stay in the car (which he would NEVER do), then they inevitably had to rescue him. Now that he’s taking part in the action, we’re finally seeing him as their equal (ok, kind of).

This season has also brought less Buy More storylines, which I like. I can’t help it. I know they’re necessary to show how Chuck is leading a double life but there’s only so much I can take of Jeffster, Big Mike, and the rest of the crew. I probably would have added Morgan to that list until the most recent episode. I can’t believe I’m typing this but I’m starting to like him. When Chuck revealed his secret, I honestly thought Morgan was going to freak out, get upset and make it all about him. But he didn’t! He was supportive and happy for Chuck. And I’m so proud of him!

I’ve also been enjoying the new characters/guest stars, ESPECIALLY Shaw (played by Brandon Routh).

OMG. He’s so dreamy. 🙂

Besides that, though, he’s livened up the team and their interactions with each other. It was getting a little stale to watch Chuck, Sarah and Casey interact with General Beckman via video conference. And as much as I love Chuck and Sarah’s complicated relationship, I can see why she would be attracted to Shaw — someone who’s completely different from Chuck; someone whose motivations she understands.

I can’t forget to mention Hannah (played by Kristin Kreuk). She was introduced solely as a romantic partner for Chuck and I really ended up liking her. Kudos to Kristin. I have to mention that I was so impressed with her acting here. While I loved her on Smallville, I always thought her acting was bland. A little stilted. Sometimes awkward. She’s improved so much! It’s too bad that her arc was so short — she had amazing chemistry with Zachary Levi. Look how cute they are…

I’m sad that she’s gone. And I’m mad at Chuck for breaking up with her during dinner with her parents. That’s cold.

The only thing that would make this show better is MORE CASEY! Otherwise, I think season 3’s been amazing. Please renew Chuck, NBC!

Thanks to Daydreaming and ChuckTV for the pics.

tv upfronts again

It’s TV upfronts time again!

I’m a dork and love the anticipation of show renewals and cancellations and the excitement for new series to come. So far, FOX, ABC, and NBC have announced their fall schedules. Nothing terribly exciting…

I don’t like So You Think You Can Dance moving to the fall. It’s my summer show! Humph. For the past few seasons, I’ve been looking forward to it as a “break” from the rest of my shows. Oh well.

Glad to see Fringe is back (which reminds me, I need to watch the season finale). But they moved it to Thursday at 9. THANKS A LOT. I watch 3 other shows in the same time slot.

Dollhouse was renewed. I don’t watch the show but maybe I will now. I read that the show got off to a slow start but built up to a solid season ending episode. Plus, I’ve always loved Joss Whedon’s shows. Hmmm.

The only new show I’m going to check out is Glee. I haven’t watched the pilot yet (it aired tonight after American Idol) but based on opinions from friends who saw it early, I think I’m going to like it. I mean, come on. It’s a show about a high school musical choir. Tell me that’s not TOTALLY UP MY ALLEY.

I don’t really watch much on ABC anymore besides Lost and Grey’s Anatomy and of course, those were easy renewals. I’ve long since given up on Private Practice, Ugly Betty, and Brothers and Sisters but I’m not surprised to see them on the fall schedule again.

As for their new shows, I’ve never been a huge sitcom fan so their Wednesday night comedy block doesn’t interest me at all. Eastwick looks promising though (based on the movie Witches of Eastwick) and it stars Rebecca Romijn and Lindsay Price. Love both of them.

PHEW. SO happy Chuck is back on NBC’s midseason schedule. Even if it’s only for 13 episodes. It’s such a good show! I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Heroes for the past few seasons but the finale definitely picked up so I have to admit I’m (cautiously) looking forward to season 4. I watched the premiere of Southland a few weeks ago but I guess Ben McKenzie isn’t as big of a draw as I thought because I never remember to watch this show. Too much going on Thursdays. Maybe Friday will be a better night for it? Although Friday seems to be the day where networks put shows TO DIE a slow death (recent example: Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles).

Are new medical dramas like Trauma and Mercy really necessary?

Also, it is VERY WEIRD to see The Jay Leno Show on the schedule EVERY NIGHT at 10pm. I like Jay Leno but he is taking away too many precious PRIMETIME slots. Couldn’t he have just conceded the Tonight Show to Conan and left it at that? Grrr.

chuck + heroes finales

I can’t believe it’s already season finale time… Wowzers.

Chuck and Heroes ended their second and third seasons respectively so I wanted to write up some quick thoughts before I forget…

Let’s start with Heroes, shall we? (beware spoilers!)
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april update

Wrote this last night…

Yup, I’ve been neglecting the blog again. Sooo lazy. I went to Santa Barbara over the weekend to visit my cousin and I brought back a cold and sore throat (no, it is not the swine flu). We had a good weekend eating tons of food (yummy gumbo at Cajun Kitchen and amazing Crab Cakes Benedict at Sambo’s), walking up and down State Street, and running around the Santa Barbara Fair (no rides for me but I had funnel cake!!!). I took Amtrak, which was so easy! It’s been over 10 years since I’ve taken the train anywhere and I was seriously surprised at how CROWDED they are. On the way back to Orange County, there were no more seats so people were standing. Crazy! The trip was roughly 4 hours each way and the time passed really quickly. I brought my trusty MacBook and a few books and the ride was over before I knew it. I’ll definitely make the trip again.

Tonight is the Chuck season finale (haven’t watched it yet because I’m waiting for the Lakers to win the game against the Jazz). I am really, really hoping it’s not the series finale. So much so that Rob went to Subway today to buy a footlong sandwich in support of the Finale and Footlong campaign to SAVE Chuck. NBC, you better not cancel this show!!!

I finally downloaded some pics from the past few weeks — hopefully you don’t mind if I share? 🙂 Click for bigger…

Let’s start with some pics of Diesel…

We bought Diesel this cute little “house” and put it in our “office” so that he could sleep in there during the day. What a cutie.

Rob was bored and thought it would be funny to put my Mickey ears on Diesel’s head. Diesel was obviously not pleased.

Back on Easter, we went to a barbecue at my cousin’s house and were in charge of making dessert. We decided on cupcakes! We used regular Betty Crocker cupcake mix (both chocolate and yellow cake) and then made this strawberry frosting (mostly because it gave us an opportunity to use the awesome Kitchenaid mixer we received as a wedding gift). The frosting was A-MA-ZING. I changed the frosting ingredients to only include 1 stick of butter (2 sticks seemed waaayyy too much) and I used 4.5 tbsps of strawberry puree. The recipe says it’s enough for a dozen cupcakes but I used it for 2. Yummy.

And of course, a few weekends ago we went to Disneyland. Again. 🙂

We got to the park just shortly after the 8am opening and headed straight to Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters!

I beat Rob!

Rob went to Fantasia Gardens (the smoking area) and I wandered around the castle to find Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Awww.

Then we headed over to the Plaza Inn to have (all you can eat) breakfast with Minnie and her friends. I had a traditional breakfast of eggs, bacon/sausage, and potatoes along with some Mickey waffles and a variety of fruit. Also available were biscuits and gravy, tons of pastries, a huge assortment of cereal, and other items I’m sure I’m forgetting. SO GOOD. Plus, we got to meet…

Captain Hook just walked right up to our table, grabbed our camera and started taking random pictures… like this self-portrait of himself. What a character.

Minnie dropped by…

… and Tigger too! We also met/saw Eeyore, Max, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Alice and Rafiki. Definitely lots of fun.

When we finished up with breakfast, it was HOT HOT HOT. The weather had been pretty chilly the days prior and then the day we go to DL, it got up to 96 degrees. CRAZY. Anyway, CA Adventure opened at 10am so we made a beeline over there to ride Toy Story Mania. We arrived shortly after opening and the line was already at a 30 min wait. We figured this was the best it would get so we wait in line… only for the ride to BREAK DOWN about 10 mins before we got to the front. We decided to wait it out but after awhile, we were all instructed to get out of line. ARGH. It wasn’t meant to be on this trip again.

We decided to get out of the heat and hang out at the Animation Academy. This ended up being an AWESOME decision because…

… I met Sorceror Mickey! I’m upset the picture quality is crap, though. I will meet him again! And take a better picture.

It was almost time for the Laker game so we went over to the ESPN Zone at Downtown Disney to watch the first game of the series and also to wait for my best friend Robyn to join us. YAYAYAY.

The Lakers were up by 20 points at half time so when Robyn arrived, we headed over to Animation Academy again since she’s never been there before (!!!). We drew Minnie and mine was terrible as usual (Rob’s holding mine on top).

We headed over to Toy Story Mania to see if it was open again and found that the wait was 60+ mins. INSANE. Instead, we went back over to the Hollywood Pictures Backlot to ride Tower of Terror. The three of us are at the bottom right of the picture. I’m in the middle scared out of my mind (the constant drops feel never-ending), Robyn has her hands at her face to hold on to her glasses, and Rob’s egging on my screaming.

Back at Disneyland, we go on Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters twice in a row. The second time I think we found a Hidden Mickey on one of the maps visible in line.

Robyn beat Rob! And Rob was not pleased. Hehehe.

And finally, for our last ride of the day, we hit It’s a Small World. I haven’t been on this ride in YEARS. They recently made some changes and sprinkled Disney characters throughout the ride. I saw Alice, Aladdin, Jasmine, Pinocchio, Nemo, Ariel, Flounder, Woody, Jesse, Lilo, and Stitch. SO CUTE.

That’s it! We’ll have to schedule another trip before the summer heat sets in for good… YAY.

monday night tv

I wrote this entry LAST Monday. I just never finished it. And since I was home sick today (fever, so fun), I thought I would finally get it posted.

Monday night is, without a doubt, my favorite night of TV.

Gossip Girl. One Tree Hill. Chuck. Heroes.

Well, ok. Heroes really isn’t so great anymore but I still like to know what’s going on.

I’m an episode behind on GG and OTH but I’m all caught up with the other two so here I go with the comments (beware spoilers).

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