supernatural s5 finale

Supernatural 05.22: Swan Song

This seriously felt like a series finale.

Season 5 has been very “meh” (the episodes *barely* moved the story forward, if at all) so it was only fitting that the BIG! HUGE! FIGHT! between Michael and Lucifer (and Adam and Sam as the vessels respectively) was a big anti-climactic disappointment. Poor Dean didn’t even have an important role to play. Instead, he gets beat to a bloody pulp. He did deliver my favorite line of the episode, though — “I’m not gonna let him die alone.” *sad*

I’m glad that Castiel and Bobby were brought back to life (especially Cas — love him! Ass-butt!) but I feel like their deaths totally lost any kind of emotional resonance when they were so easily restored. It wasn’t earned. It was lazy writing. Their deaths didn’t even have a chance to sink in yet! But I guess I’m torn because I don’t think the show would be the same without either of them.

As far as the ending, I had a feeling that Sam (or is it Lucifer?) was going to reappear. There really isn’t anywhere else the story could go. I just hope they’re not going to recycle the Buffy storyline with Sam not coming back “right.” I’m happy enough with Dean giving up hunting and settling down but a part of me wishes it could be with Jo. Why’d they have to kill her off? I’m sure I’m the only one in this fandom that feels this way, lol. I just love Alona Tal.

Lastly… Chuck? God?! Where did that come from? I guess we’ll see what happens in season 6.