oc promo + fandom meme

I’m currently trying to update my resume. What a complete PAIN. UGH. It’s driving me crazy. I wasn’t actively looking for a job (I’m actually very content working on the sales side of advertising) but one of my contacts at an agency I work with approached me about possibly taking a job there as an Asst. Media Planner, which would be the planning and buying side of the industry. I was really flattered when I was asked and then I found myself seriously considering the offer… I’ve always toyed with the idea about moving over to the agency side but never gave it serious thought until now. The only problem is that I would have to take a severe pay cut (which I’m SO not happy about and I’m not even sure I can afford to — living in the Bay Area is expensive) but the opportunity may be worth it in the long run. I don’t really know what to do. I’ve only told a few people I trust at work (don’t want to raise any red flags if I don’t have to) and the advice I’ve been given has been mixed. Argh. I’ve decided to at least take an interview so we’ll see what happens…

Ok. Back to the regularly-scheduled fangirliness.

I just saw the promo for season 3 of The O.C.. AWWW. I’m such a sucker for pretty people playing on the beach. I’m so ready for the new TV season to start. I’m tired of reruns and reality shows!

I love memes (mostly because I can blog without *really* blogging, hee)…

Five by Five TV Fandom Meme
A) List Five of your TV Fandom Favorites
[Doesn’t have to be your top 5, just five of your favorites.]
1. Which makes you cry the most?
2. Which makes you laugh the most?
3. Which makes you gasp outloud/talk to your TV the most?
4. Which do you do the most art for?
5. Which will/do you miss the most?
B) For each of your favorites, list the following:
1. Favorite Episode
2. Favorite Character
3. Favorite Premiere
4. Favorite Finale
5. Why is it one of your favorites?

A) List Five of your TV Fandom Favorites
Dawson’s Creek, Everwood, The OC, Veronica Mars, American Dreams
1. Which makes you cry the most? Everwood. Hands down. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much for a TV show as I did for the season 2 premiere. Guh.
2. Which makes you laugh the most? The OC. Sometimes it’s the witty dialogue and sometimes it’s the completely unbelievable scenarios (most of the time involving Marissa).
3. Which makes you gasp outloud/talk to your TV the most? Veronica Mars
4. Which do you do the most art for? Dawson’s Creek. When I was making art (I’m kinda lazy now, heh), I just felt the most inspired by DC.
5. Which will/do you miss the most? American Dreams. It was cancelled WAY before its time.

Dawson’s Creek
1. Favorite Episode: Episode 615, Castaways. An entire episode devoted to Pacey and Joey. How could I not love it?
2. Favorite Character: Jen
3. Favorite Premiere: Tie between the Pilot (so many classic scenes) and the season 4 premiere, Coming Home (Pacey and Joey still in love after their whirlwind summer *sigh*).
4. Favorite Finale: Season 3, True Love. Joey running to the dock to tell Pacey she’s in love with him and then running away for the summer together remains one of my favorite scenes from the show ever.
5. Why is it one of your favorites? It was the first show I really LOVED. I feel very connected to it… maybe because in my mind I link it to my college years? All I know is that I continue to watch the show on DVD and in reruns and love it as much (or maybe even more) as I did when it was still on the air.

1. Favorite Episode: Episode 107, We Hold These Truths. Colin’s first episode and I was immediately in love. Plus, the flashbacks of Amy, Colin and Bright are so adorable.
2. Favorite Character: Can’t choose between Colin and Amy. They’re the best.
3. Favorite Premiere: Season 2, The Last of Summer. I cried like there was no tomorrow.
4. Favorite Finale: Season 1, Home. Notice how I love everything that involves Colin?
5. Why is it one of your favorites? The show isn’t afraid to address controversial topics (ie. abortion episode in s1, Ephram losing his virginity to an older girlfriend in s2). Not to mention that the characters are played by an amazingly talented cast. I always wish the show would receive more recognition than it does.

The OC
1. Favorite Episode: Pilot episode. Nothing can beat Ryan’s introduction to the world of Orange County. Welcome to the OC, bitch!
2. Favorite Character: I’m torn. I love Ryan and Summer equally.
3. Favorite Premiere: Season 2, The Distance. I just love the cab scene in Portland when Ryan and Seth run back to each other. They are so in love.
4. Favorite Finale: Season 2, The Dearly Beloved. A tragic episode that injected some life into the show and created great momentum for season 3.
5. Why is it one of your favorites? Pretty people in beautiful southern CA creating drama for themselves. What more do you want?

Veronica Mars
1. Favorite Episode: Episode 110, An Echolls Family Christmas. Duncan/Weevil/Logan interaction. YAY.
2. Favorite Character: Veronica
3. Favorite Premiere: n/a. While I enjoyed the pilot, I don’t particularly think it’s a great or strong episode. It took about 4 or 5 episodes for the show to really grow on me.
4. Favorite Finale: Season 1, Leave it to Beaver. Ahhh, the culmination of the season’s biggest mystery. Sooo satisfying.
5. Why is it one of your favorites? Love the mix of teenage drama and mystery.

American Dreams
1. Favorite Episode: Pilot. The teaser is probably one of my most favorites of any show. Ever. All the characters are introduced in a short time and all I want is to get to know them. I especially loved the way the teaser ended on Meg’s smiling face as she danced along to American Bandstand. So great.
2. Favorite Character: Meg. Her hopes and dreams for “something more” is something I can definitely relate to.
3. Favorite Premiere: See above regarding the Pilot episode.
4. Favorite Finale: Season 1, City on Fire. Meg and Sam caught in the middle of race riots. *sniff*
5. Why is it one of your favorites? A great ensemble cast and superb storytelling. I miss it so.