ER and the Apprentice

KWAME!!! Yay! I am *so* rooting for Kwame to win on The Apprentice. I just adore him even though he hasn’t really done much except manage to stay under the radar. I also loved how he and Troy reacted after being reunited. So cute! They’re like best friends for life. 😀 But good grief, Omarosa on my TV screen again? Crap. She was truly, truly awful. She was so incredibly incompetent and irresponsible that I wonder if she’s deliberately trying to ruin Kwame’s chances of winning. I wouldn’t put it past her.

Anyone know where I can find decent quality ER caps?!? I’m desperate, people. I watched the Neela/Gallant scene on tonight’s episode and totally and completely melted. Just when I think I might get invested in a couple, the writers have to take the relationship away from me. I can’t believe Gallant’s leaving. He’s my favorite (though completely underdeveloped) character on the show. I hope they don’t kill him off — I’d really love to see Sharif Atkins again. Oh, and a small casting spoiler about next season (don’t click if you don’t want to know) — whoo hoo!

Anyway, I can’t wait for tomorrow — I have a half day at work and then Rob and I are heading down the coast to stay in Monterey for Easter weekend. 🙂 It was a total spur of the moment vacation decision. We just made our rental car and hotel reservations this afternoon, lol. Hope everyone enjoys the holiday!

ER and parminder

What in the world was that army tank storyline about on ER?!? So bizarre. I was totally rolling my eyes.

Now, I haven’t watched ER in *years* but when I found out Parminder Nagra (aka Jess on Bend It Like Beckham — my new favorite movie :P) was on the show, I had to start watching it again. It’s that crazy BiLB obsession of mine. Heh.

Friends! There were some great laugh out loud moments tonight — loved that Chandler and Monica have a “Joey room” in their new house and it was a great nod to continuity to have Ross jealous of Rachel having dinner with Mark. BUT! Rachel! She can’t take the Louis Vuitton job! Argh, it’s getting harder and harder to stay spoiler-free for the series finale.

Anyway, I knew there was a reason why I love my alma mater so much. Boalt law school has an official club for The O.C.. They’re setting up a Sandy Cohen Fellowship! OMG. Those crazy law students crack me up.

Doing the Tuesday Threesome (better late than never):

Female Television Characters
Jen Lindley (DC), Sydney Bristow (Alias), Amy Abbott (Everwood)

Male Television Characters
Pacey Witter (DC), Lex Luthor (Smallville), Chandler (Friends)

Television Couples
Pacey & Joey (DC), Colin & Amy (Everwood), and a tie between Nathan & Haley (OTH) and Chandler & Monica (Friends)