fantasmic friday

I really need to do some TV wrap-up blog entries now that the broadcast season is officially over… BUT FIRST.

Last Friday night Rob and I made an impromptu trip to my happy place, Disneyland, because I JUST HAD TO accomplish two (very important) things.

The first was getting my grubby hands on an R2D2 popcorn bucket. These were released to promote the (re)opening of Star Tours. We didn’t get a chance to experience the new ride (I wanted to but the stand-by line reached 2 hours — we’ll check it out when we can get to the park earlier) but I did get my popcorn bucket. Mwahahaha.

YES. It was $15. I KNOW.

I look really happy. I’m so ridiculous.

The other thing I had to do that night was watch Fantasmic!. Even though we’ve been annual passholders for 2+ years now, I haven’t seen Fantasmic! since I was in college. That’s over 10 years ago! I was determined to see it again. So determined that I booked the Premium Viewing experience. It’s expensive and I definitely wouldn’t do it every trip but I thought it was a nice treat. 🙂

We even received a yummy dessert platter for each of us. Seriously, it was soooo nice to have an actual reserved seat for the show (no standing or sitting on the ground!). Not to mention a dedicated cast member who brought us beverages.

Since I’m so short, there’s normally someone in front of me blocking my view at shows like this but our seats were in the front row (and slightly elevated) so no obstacles here! We weren’t dead center but still had a wonderful view…

LOVED IT! It’s so silly but my absolute favorite part is the beginning when Mickey comes out and starts dancing. That is THE BEST. I may have even tried to imitate his dance when we got home. Probably too much information. LOL.

We also managed to ride Big Thunder Mountain (love it at night) and Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters (3 times!) but that was all just icing on the cake. It was a great night. 🙂

r2d2 mailboxes

I was reading Christie’s LJ and found the following news…

Thirty years after delivering thrills to Star Wars fans, R2-D2 is delivering mail.
The brave little droid will be promoting the movie’s 30th anniversary for Lucasfilm and a stamp that’s being produced in its honor by the Postal Service.

The new stamp will be released March 28.

About 400 mailboxes will be covered to look like R2-D2, which is about the same shape.

Postal officials are warning people looking for souvenirs that it’s a crime to tamper with mailboxes, even those in costume.

SO. COOL. What’s even COOLER is that Rob and I were in Berkeley yesterday morning and FOUND AN R2D2 MAILBOX. LOOK…

I totally wanted to have my picture taken next to it (I’m a geek, I know) but I had just come from the gym, I was in workout clothes, and my hair was crap so I refrained. Hopefully I’ll be better prepared next time. Heh. 😀

I also found this teaser trailer that USPS/Lucasfilm released to promote the collaboration. I love you, R2-D2.

movie overload

I got lots of cool stuff from Amazon today. 😀 I got my Harry Potter DVD, a little R2D2 figurine and Rob got the Star Wars trilogy. What fun! I’m going to be permanently glued to the sofa. 😛 But seriously, that’s all I ever do nowadays. Get home, check email, and deposit myself in front of my computer or in front of the TV with remote control in hand. It’s sad really.

And now that I’ve wallowed in enough self-pity these past few days to last a lifetime, let me just say that Daniel Radcliffe — the boy who plays Harry Potter — is SO adorable. hee! I’m 22 and I have a crush on a 12-year old. 😛 I was watching some of the interviews with the director and producer on the special features part of the HP DVD — they showed a scene where Dan, Emma and Rupert (the three main actors in the movie) are about to shoot a scene where they run into a classroom and all of a sudden, Dan pretends to choke Emma and she’s making this really adorable “Ahh!” face. ::sigh:: I want to take them home with me.

Which reminds me that I have this really weird (well, my boyfriend thinks so) list of celebrities whose cheeks I want to pinch if I ever had the chance. heh. Yeah, I’m nutty but you all love me. 😉 I might as well share it with you all:

1. R2D2 – yes, I know he’s round and doesn’t have cheeks but I could settle for a hug
2. Shaquille O’Neal – because of him, I actually went to Burger King and bought one of those gross Shaq Packs
3. Dan Radcliffe – see Nicola’s scans page for more reasons why I think he’s completely adorable
4. my friend Sebastian. heh.

That’s all for now. Yes, I’m a huge dork and yes, I know. But I’m going to blame it on all the sugar I had from the ice cream cone I just ate. 😀

R2D2 obsessed

I’m in love with R2D2. (Yes, the droid from Star Wars). 😛 I keep playing with my little stuffed R2D2 toy — it beeps when you press its stomach! It doesn’t take much to amuse me. heh. Anyway, I’ve just started reading the original trilogy books and I watched The Empire Strikes Back earlier tonight and I had a question (I’m looking at YOU Sebastian!): How come R2D2 didn’t recognize Yoda when he and Luke went to the Degobah system? Or at least remembered his name or something? Hmm…

Anyway, I also caught the series (no! *sob*) finale of Felicity. *Semi-spoilers ahead!* — It was umm… ok. I have to admit that I wasn’t crazy about the whole time-traveling idea but at least it helped me understand that Ben is Felicity’s destiny. The writers made that perfectly clear especially with Noel getting married. I’ll always be a FAN though — and watching all those flashbacks of their romance in season 1 made me miss them so much. ::sigh:: The ending shots of the cast were perfect — all of them laughing and smiling. But can someone explain to me why Elena was there at the end? Didn’t she die a few episodes earlier? And Tracy? I liked his character but I didn’t think he was that important to bring back for the final episode, much less the final scene. And I just loved the little “Thank you” commercial from the WB — they really did say “Hey” a lot. 😀